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    My Acne

  2. I'm a 28 year old female for whom accutane failed. After it was out of my system, 6 months after I ended my treatment, my cystic acne came back with a vengeance immediately. I've more or less had some form of acne since about age 12. When I was 19 however, that's when my acne started to change more from typical teenage acne to the adult cheek/jawline cystic acne I now have that seems to get worse as I age. I really thought accutane was my cure, but once my cystic acne started to come back again,
  3. FYI from googling I found two in the Houston area: http://www.dermatologyinhouston.com/about-dr-jogi/mission-statement-philosophy http://www.dermatologynwhouston.com/contact-us-dr-lisa-d-hitchins.html
  4. I came across this forum because I am looking for a derm in the Houston, Texas area who will prescribe. I went on accutane and it helped temporarily but my very clearly hormonal acne is now back in full force and the derm I had said he hadn't even heard of prescribing spiro for acne (he's pretty old school). I do happen to know that a friend was prescribed spiro at K Street Dermatology in Washington DC.
  5. I've never tried cortisone shots, but I'm interested in trying them to see how they work. Thanks,
  6. My acne is hormonal and pretty severe, but I feel comfortable when I cover it up. I use: #1: Apply Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation on my entire face, using my fingers (http://www.drugstore...6&aparam=138299) #2: MAC studio finish concealer to cover up active pimples & scars using a concealer brush (http://www.maccosmet...aler/index.tmpl) #3: Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder Oil Control Foundation (http://www.buymebeau...Foundation.HTML) The Cover Girl powder
  7. Thanks for your reply. I know that with a lot of people, the more makeup they wear, the worse their acne is, but that doesn't appear to be the case with me. I actually work from home, and while I won't leave my house without makeup, there are often days where I don't leave. Frankly, sometimes I stay put more than I should just because I don't feel like wasting my time doing makeup. There is no discernible difference in my acne when I wear makeup frequently versus the weeks when I don't. It appea
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a 25 year old female who has suffered from acne in different forms since about the age of 11. Once I turned 19, my acne started getting worse than it was in high school (and in high school it was pretty bad). As I got older, my acne became more cystic, and hormonal. I actually have pretty dry skin (and I live in a very humid climate), so all of the typical products that dry your skin out just exacerbate my problem. Nothing topical has ever helped. At this point, the only thin
  9. This post was a reply to a thread, but I think it also deserves its own thread as well. This is for all of the women out there who suffer from extremely severe acne, like I do. FYI - I have links to all of these products, but this form doesn't seem to let me post them. Contact me by private message for links if interested. I have very severe cystic acne, and right now, severe whiteheads as well. Here's what works for me. I have dry skin, so I start with Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydratin
  10. (NOTE: I have tried several times to post links to the products I describe, but the form won't let me. Feel free to PM me for links. I feel your pain. I have very severe cystic acne, and right now, severe whiteheads as well. Here's what works for me. I have dry skin, so I start with Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion. It's non-comedogenic, and it really helps, because covering dry skin is extremely difficult (though I still manage). I've had severe acne for about 10 years n
  11. CW3


    Emily --- I am 22 and have had moderate to severe acne since my freshman year of high school. I've tried a WHOLE LOT and very little works (though I am starting to have some results with the "Zeno" and with fish oil) ... However, if you have an event TOMORROW, I am the master at covering up ANY amount of acne, and have a great makeup regimen that I can guarantee will cover any acne you have. If you want me to explain it to you in detail, email me at [email protected]