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  1. Thanks for the advice. It's still a puzzle to me why this is the case, but I just really want to look less weird. Anyway, any suggestion on a sunscreen that won't cause breakouts? I've always hated using sunscreen, as they seem to break me out and make my already oily face look more greasy.
  2. Sigh........I'm just feeling extra sad about my skin today. I had absolutely clear skin (without any effort) all my life until this year. Then, BAM, acne. And I'm 26 this year. To say that it all took me by surprise is an understatement. Really did not expect this at my age after spending all my teens and early twenties never having to worry about my skin. Since then, I've tried various topicals, spent a fortune experimenting with different skin care products. To make things worse, for some
  3. Has anyone had this problem? I have a very light skin colour. Had perfectly clear skin until this year, when out of no where, my face and back exploded with acne, mostly comedonal. I've been on tetralysal for about 4 months now. The acne is only slightly improved. The odd thing is that I've noticed my face is now about 4-5 shades darker than my neck and the rest of my body. It is really very noticeable, and friends have commented on it. It's not the red marks from old pimples, though I have t