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  1. Brandy, thanks for the info. It helped a bit to know what I need. It's just that my skin is soooo sensative that I can itch my stomache and a red blochy spot will appear for 10 minutes or so. My entire skin sucks. Sometimes I can get out of the shower after like a 10-minute rinse off, not even using any products like soap or anything and more often than not i get these red bloches on my skin vastly across my chest, wth is up with this??? When I used to play basketball I used to play with a shir
  2. Yeah, so, I have been using "Dan's" regimen for 2-3 months now, and this is bs. First of all it looks like Dan never had a pimple a day in his life the way his skin is utterly unscarred. I think this is a more sympathetic version of Proactive if you ask me. His regimen cleared a lot of the cyst acne under my jawline, but its like i have tons of blackheads and red marks everywhere and i want the results he gets, or so he says. He has no acne what so ever, and my forehead never gets clear there mu
  3. Hi, I made a purchase of the 8oz kit payed via paypal on September 11th. Well, it is now the 15th and my order still says processing when I check its status. Does this mean my order STILL hasn't gone through? My girlfriend also checked her bank account which the paypal account is linked to and says it hasn't withdrawn any money yet. Just trying to see if anyone else knows what's going on about this.... Also I seem to have two orders processing of the 8oz kit, but one wasn't payed for, and I wan
  4. Hi, A lot of time when I start to put my BP on my face my eyes feel slightly irritated and in the morning my gf said they look really small and they feel puffy and dehydrated, ( Goes away after I shower and go through the day ) I know there would be no way to avoid this aside from stopping BP cause i tried avoiding eye area duriing application, but does anyone else's eyes feel funny sometimes around application time and in the morning?? And if anyone's found a way to stop it could they let me
  5. Just gotta say: I've been using his techniques on cleansing and using BP, and this is really starting to work for me. I am not using his products at the moment, but just the theory on being gentle has seemed to help a ton! I touched and picked at my face a lot up until I started reviewing this website, and not doing so has made a complete turn around. Out of anything I've been told about acne, I would say this website is the most logically correct. I'll probably even have a nice clear face for
  6. Yeah, I've had acne since 6th grade, and I'm 20 now about to start college so I'm hoping this is a miracle. I've been using BP from the Mary Kay line, which is 10% for about 2-3 years off and on so I'm wondering how my skin would react to Dan's.
  7. meh, roughly as many as you and your step-father get into within 5 seconds, daily. owned.
  8. Hey Julian, either grow up or just don't exist, because you seriously lacked attention as a child.
  9. Hi, I've been reviewing a portion of what this site has to offer, and it seems pretty legit. I am also strongly considering the purchase of the acne.org products for treatment. However, my skepticism is this: Before I go drop 35 dollars plus on these things does anyone know of 100% accurate pictures ( No Photoshop ) of Dan with bad acne. Here in America corporations have very happily deceiving techiniques of marketing, and I want to make sure this isn't another pull at my hard labor to turn a