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    My intrests are football (soccer to the americans), street dancing, break dancing, sketching and rapping! Other intrests also include my job as a Quantity Surveyor, even boring as it may be, it includes constantly meeting new clients, which is annoying as i have low self confidence due to acne! :(
  1. In all honesty?....... Yeh! Kinda! My face acne seems to have pretty much gone, still got a few lil spots around my jaw but hardly noticable really... in fairness though it hasnt helped with the severe acne on my chest and back (which sadly is now scarring pretty bad :( but for light/moderate acne i would recomend it actually! Smells a bit funky, but you can really feel the difference in your skin after even a few days. Dry skin was a big problem for me but its been really good at clearing any
  2. Hey!! Real honest blog and loving the fact ur smiling in your pic! please look throo my blog and share with others, acne doesnt have to be a 1 man/woman struggle! =)

    1. Hey!! my names Paul and i live in Scotland!!!! (WOOOOO!!!) i unfortunalty suffered a severe breakout of acne on December 08 (at the age of 17). i am now 18 as my birthday was in April and have since then spent at least £340+ on products, as like most on the blog, i'v had every product available from doctors, advice from family and friends. Luckly, due to the NHS (National Health Service) i will be seeing a dermotologist in September 09! However in August after a new found change in diet, consit
    2. shayo69

      Pics of me hiding my scars :(

      Dont be stupid like me and try and hide acen.... as cheesey as it sounds, let your personality show through, Pauline from my work once said that and it has stuck with me! :)