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  1. The X girl returnssss!

    1. Hey Tim! How's it going? I fell off this site for a while. I must have seen something shiny I'm still getting an occasional zit here and there and still have to majorly fight the urge to pick, but the finacea/retin-A combo mostly has me clear. I'm still on the search for nice mark-free skin, but it's getting there. Hope all is well!
    2. miss you xgirl! hope you're doing well.

      1. picking was #1, then I was using crappy skin care. I think finacea has helped tremendously. I totaly stopped green smoothies (tedious, LOL) and most days I "try" to take at least turmeric and VitD, but that's maybe 4 days a week. Tim-- nope, no AS, but I have the supps found in AS and take those when I remember, doh!
      2. Wow, it's been a while since I updated. I guess it happens to all of us when we get CLEAR, huh? Hoping that this is something we can all have ASAP-- it's a great place to be. Granted, I call "clear" what I consider to be "mostly clear". I doubt I will ever have a perfect complexion without any blackheads or bumps, but I'm really stinking happy with how my skin is now when comparing it to a few months ago. I've actually started going outside WITHOUT makeup on. Can you believe it? Today I'm weari
      3. Hey Tim, Long time, no see! Your skin looks amazing-- congratulations! Soon you will fall off this board like I have once you realize "holy S***, I am staying clear!". It's such an awesome feeling. I have to LOL at this, because I thought you said "genital": gental retinoid from my derm I don't think you're overdoing it at all. I'm still taking ONE MEEEEELION supplements too, though many days I don't take them all or skip an entire day. It hasn't affected my skin adversely, but I figure it's
      4. Tim-- I used to use cetaphil, but now I'm trying stuff without SLS and parabens. I bought Weleda skin food and Alba Organics VitC cream, verdict is out on those still as I haven't used either much. Skin update-- doing well-- still barely picking unless there is an obvious whitey that needs to G-O. Still have bumpiness pretty much all over my cheeks and jawline but I *think* the finacea has helped a teensy bit with bumps on my cheeks. For now I will use up my two tubes and then decide whether i
      5. I only saw this thread for the first time today, but I'm glad you're doing much better. If you have scarring (red or brown marks) from your break-out, I'd recommend AHA lotion and possibly some over-the-counter lactic acid peels. I hope your derm's meds heal you completely!
      6. your BF is very lucky to have such a sweet, supportive GF. I'd just tell him what you told us
      7. Yes! I use Himalaya Neem and Turmeric wash. It's organic, paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten free and foams quite nicely. Available at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and online of course.
      8. Big ditto for the mint julep mask. It's also great at covering a zit that you're dying to pick, but shouldn't Other HG items: Finacea Triacneal Clarisonic Mia Aha lotion or soufflé At-home chemical peels (bha and lactic) Still on the look-out for HG moisturizer and sunscreen
      9. I have yet to find a moisturizer that I like. Right now my Vitamin C serum is behaving really well as a moisturizer due to the vegetable glycerin. I also have a moisturizer by Pange Organics, but it's not very moisturizing. It's thin and runny OH, but I really am liking the AHA souffle I just started using. It's 12% glycolic acid-- I use it every night and it's really thick.
      10. it's been a while since I've checked in. Things are going GREAT for me. I never made it to 100 days, or even 20... but I have changed my habits BIG time and pick my battles (literally, haha) and only pop a whitehead that impedes my ability to go out in public. My skin is CLEAR and now I'm just battling the scars I've created for myself. I'm so happy. I can't believe how much better I look and feel and am so glad I finally just said "F YOU" to my stupid wandering fingers!