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  1. I have flakes, yes. I don't have any clogged pores. I don't have any additional breakouts since I have started. Everything seems to be drying up. I'm just leaving it alone. I'm trying to not touch my face at all and see how my body recovers all on its own.
  2. You do know that hormonal acne is an internal problem, right? So, of course you are still going to break out on the water only method, but continuing to use topicals is not going to get rid of your hormonal acne. You have to work on balancing your hormones. You can either take birth control for that or a natural supplement called Estrotone, which I just recently started to take. I just started the water only method. My face doesn't feel irritated anymore. I have so much dead skin though, it's cr
  3. Did you get incredibly peeling skin after you stopped everything?
  4. I guess... but i was going to experiment with just rinsing with water for now. So far.. I'm not oily at all. So, I feel like that's a very good start. Also, my face already doesn't look as irritated as it normally does. My skin had been very itchy in spots the past few days and now that I just started rinsing with just water.. my skin doesn't itch at all. I also don't want to think so much about my skin anymore. I'm currently taking Estrotone which is a supplement to balance hormones. I'm taking
  5. Hey everyone. I have probably been religiously cleansing my face for over two years now ever since I got a case of severe acne awhile ago. I was thinking of not using any cleanser on my face and see if using just water to rinse off the excess oil will help my skin return to it's normal state. I know that a lot of my guy friends don't cleanse their face at all and have clear skin. My mom never washed her face in her life. She only rinses it with water in the shower and has never had an acne probl
  6. please help my skin,..

  7. Great input. I was wondering what you did for body acne too. Does anyone do cold showers?
  8. I would like to know what has worked for everyone, holistically speaking. Are you taking a certain supplement that has improved your skin? Are you taking ice cold showers? Are you taking ACV? Are certain foods helping you?
  9. Moisturize your legs with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil instead of using lotion. EVCO exfoliates the outer layer or your skin, and it helps with any kind of bumps that I get on my legs.
  10. Hi there! Finding a good moisturizer can be incredibly tricky. Personally, I dont even use moisturizers anymore at all, and don't really feel like I need to anymore. I had incredibly oily skin until I changed my facial wash. I now use Glytone mild gel wash which contains glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is great for controlling oily skin. The wash balances the PH of your skin. It does not dry out the skin, but still manages to clean the pores extremely well. You can order the wash online or you can
  11. You seem to be taking a ridiculous amount of supplements. It's not fun to be popping pills all of the time. Sleeping early and at the same time every night helps the hormones become balanced too.
  12. What brand of shampoo does everyone use? I need a shampoo that is for oily hair, but doesn't have any harsh ingredients. Usually when I use natural shampoo it doesn't seem to clean my scalp well enough, and my scalp gets gross. I was considering the whole foods 365 lavender shampoo for oily & normal hair. Has anyone tried this?
  13. This is not natural or anything, so I didn't add it to my previous list, but what I REALLY think has helped is getting regular peels at a downtown spa. Don't go to a dermatologist unless you have miraculously found one who actually cares about you and actually knows how to properly take care of skin instead of handing you a random prescription and saying "Use this for 2 months, and if it doesn't work then come back and try another random, super harsh prescription". Of course, he won't say it in