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  1. This is a weird post I know, and maybe only i have this problem. But does anyone else have extremely fair skin where anything they put on there face is reflected in the color of the skin? My big issue is everything out there from moisturizer to Bp is white. And whenever i use it i look extremely pasty and well...white. I look like a true blood character (not quite that bad, but definitely to pale) I tried to just use SA wash and my skin looked great, a normal color, but i broke out. So I h
  2. It does not shrink pores permanently but seems to be closing or shrinking them with repeated use, i dont know how to explain. I think its reducing oil production and when my skins more oily my pores look larger. I dont really have pores except a few on either side of my nose. If it comes down to it, i will figure out if the derma roller has helped my pores or the witch hazel. If it is the hazel closing my pores from use, i will just put a small dab on the sides by my nose, and none anyw
  3. I started witch hazel about 3 weeks ago, i notice a couple zits, i stopped after a week and my face was fine, but then i started again. I currently have 3 zits now, they show up every 4 days. Is there a purging stage? I hate to give it up because it does seem to even my skin tone and tighten pores a bit. Although Im not sure if thats from me starting to derma roll or not. But i do like my skin after i apply it, except this. Should I stick with it? Is there a purging stage? If not its like
  4. I have pale skin, wearing moisturizer makes me look ungodly pale. And i hate it. I hate the fact moisturizers are all mostly creamy white. I also found stay on moisturizers tend to give me minor breakouts and moisturize to much for my oily skin, so I switched to cetaphil moisturizer wash witch was perfect. Its not as white but its still a creamy white and partially clear. Anyway after using the next day my skin looks paler again due to its fairly white color. Is there any tinted or completely
  5. Can I ask a question. I have 100% tea tree oil diluted to about 25% but i did not use distilled water, just regular water. Does it need to be distilled because if so it currently feels way to harsh on my skin and i have tough skin, so im wondering if the oil just floats to the top, which would not happen if the water was distilled? Can anyone clarify?
  6. I just started clearasil sulfur 8% treatment, and it works somewhat, but 5% bp kept me clear, with this im getting a few breakouts. I think i may try tea tree oil, but your link is 10%, maybe that would work better. Unfortunately i hate how my face looks so rugged and aged on bp so i quit.
  7. You offer very good suggestions, your right about trying everything, i have to try things for at least a month by itself before i decide if it works well or not. Well unless its to irritating retin-a micro for example just made my skin to painful so I quit after 2 weeks. For the 2.5% bp from here, i tried it for 3 weeks and no breakouts, then I weak 4 i got terrible breakouts, stuck with it for 4 more weeks and had more terrible acne, switching back to 5% cleared me again but it took another
  8. Quick question i picked up tea tree oil because benzoyl peroxide was leaving my skin looking aged, the tea tree oil was diluted with alcohol, is that going to also make my skin look old? Should i find alcohol free or is this one fine?
  9. Thank you for your reply. Actually when I did use 2.5% from acne.org for 3 months i did not moisturize. Well i tried it both ways, and it made no difference. Thats what I dont understand, I believe your comment about sebum is my entire problem. If 2.5% is as effective but 5% is only more drying, why am i crystal clear on 5% and 2.5% i had terrible breakouts (red marks are still healing, thats the risk i run of trying new things). I just dont get it other then my acne problem is entir
  10. So im clear, but unfortunately my skin looks more aged since using bp 5% for 3 years now. My regimen is 2X SA watch, and 5% bp overnight I also moisturize. I have tried to quit the bp and just use SA wash and I broke out, i tried to use acne.org 2.5% and broke out. Only the 5% worked for me. 10% does as well. To counter what appeared to be rough skin from bp i did tca peels 21%, i loved the results, but i just feel bp will be counter productive. During this time i skipped some ni
  11. BP 5% has kept me clear, however i have not been happy with my skin. After doing a tca peel i noticed how nice my skin is after decent exfoliation however when i tried retin-a micro it did not keep my skin as clear as bp does. I was wondering if i could alternate each day once with bp and once with retin-a, or is this not a good idea? So one night i would use bp the next retin-a. Would this be counter productive and not have any benefit? I am just curious if anyone else does this, or if
  12. Hello, i did two tca peels so far and am quite happy with the results. I did a 15% tca from muacbut did not peel much. Then I tried 21% and frosted like crazy, it was a heavy peel, only bad part was exactly a week of down time. My question is with tca peel, do you keep doing them every few months until your happy with your skin and then your done, or do you have to do them constantly every year to keep up results. I have heard conflicting stories about this if anyone could clarify!
  13. Ok so i was clear for quite some time, my last bad breakout was proabably over a year ago. I have been using the twice daily SA wash, and acne.org benzo peroxide at night. I am having terrible breakouts on the sides of my forehead only which makes me very confused. These are terrible inflamatory type acne that seems to be under the skin and red. Doing some research this is the type i believe i have. "Inflammatory nodules form around multiple comedones and grow until they break down and dis
  14. I was just wondering in order to reduce down time and not make the peel overly harsh, is it possible to use a weaker tca peel but more often to reduce the down time while still getting proper results. I dont want to be stuck inside with a horrible face for 2 weeks. So I am wondering if i use a reduced dosage with less extreme peeling can i eventually obtain the same results as a stronger peel that causes more down time? I did a test kit and i can handle 21% at muac, but im thinking of doing two