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  1. Hi I am really hoping one of you will be able to help me interpret the ingredients list on my Zinc supplement. I am taking Blackmores Bio Zinc. I recently asked Blackmores about their labelling but did not get a specific answer (except to say that 2 tablets per day is safe for the short term). I need to know because I am taking twice the recommended dose. If I take one tablet per day only, my acne returns quickly. Ingredients: Zinc amino acid chelate (Zinc 25 mg)----------------------------12
  2. When you say you tried zinc and niacin - what quantities were you taking? I suffer from acne in my chin and mouth area and it is definitely hormonal. I have successfully cleared up my acne 100% with 50mg of chelated zinc and 500mg of B3 (nicotinamide) daily. If I take less than that amount of zinc, I break out. I tried it! I also take 2000mg of Vitex (chasteberry) daily for my period issues. I started out on 1000mg but found it was not enough. As soon as I doubled my dose I saw good results (
  3. I have used it and it worked well for me. Are you holding it still for 3 minutes at a time? Are you using the Blue LED light? Are you using it on bare skin? I used it with gentle skincare - no retinoids or BP. I saw good results within 5 weeks.
  4. You can get similar or probably better results by using Blue LED therapy for your acne. But you avoid the dangerous UV rays from tanning. It's a similar principle where the light kills bacteria in the skin. Blue light therapy does work but it's an ongoing daily commitment - you have to expose your acne to the light at least once a day for a few minutes. I used Tanda but after about 6 months I got fed up with using it. If I skipped a day I'd break out again! Luckily I have found supplements clea
  5. What kind of scarring do you have? Pitted or not? I had IPL done on my acne scars but they were not pitted - just an angry red colour that never seemed to fade. You can read about my (really positive) experience here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/IPL-red-m...html&hl=ipl I think if you have pitted (or icepick) scars, you have to look into dermal fillers but I'm no expert. Hope I've helped a bit!
  6. I've been taking Vitex ever since I quit the pill about 18 months ago. I take 1000mg per day. It really helps me with my time of the month issues. Periods are lighter and far less painful. But sadly for me, Vitex does nothing for my acne. After trying a number of things, I've found that B3 and Zinc clear my skin.
  7. I'm sorry for reviving a really old thread but I must thank all of you who wrote in it. It really inspired me to give it a try. Thanks to no flush niacin, I am finally clear of my cystic chin acne. I am in Australia and I am taking the following: Nature's Own B3 - 1 tablet a day (500mg) Blackmores Biozinc - 2 tablets a day (50mg) Vitex (any brand) - 2000mg a day I am so happy! I am telling everyone I know that it is possible to clear acne with natural supplements.
  8. I've had IPL done by a Dr and this doesn't sound right to me. He insisted I wait 4-6 weeks between IPL sessions because your skin will continue to respond to the treatment in that time period. He wanted to assess my skin then and adjust my 2nd IPL treatment accordingly. Who is doing your IPL? Is it someone with medical training? I don't see why you couldn't take it. In my experience, it's not the best timing. I was in your position. I was on the verge of clearing my acne but was sti
  9. I have a Tanda but don't particularly recommend it. It works but it is plagued by battery problems! It is supposed to be rechargeable but mine stopped holding a full charge after only 2 months. Having said all that, it did clear my acne in about 5 weeks. I use both red and blue light therapy (mine is the Tanda Professional which comes with 2 separate light heads). I am still using it on a very casual basis - it works fine while plugged into the wall. I'm interested in trying a new light therapy
  10. I have Tanda Professional. I'm Australian too but I bought mine in the US from skincareRX.com - it worked out cheaper than buying it here. Tanda is effective on acne as long as you spend the time using the device. To cover my chin (my acne problem area) it takes 6 minutes of treatment time. One treatment involves you holding the blue light in one place for 3 minutes. It took about 5 weeks of twice-daily use to get clear. I did start to see results sooner than that though. I also used the re
  11. 2nd this. I quit coffee for a month or so at one point - no difference to my acne.
  12. I'd like to know this too! Any further updates? Debating whether to try broccoli pills or just order some DIM online...
  13. My very first BCP was Diane 35 and I was put on it for very severe cystic acne on my back and shoulders. I didn't get much acne on my face at that stage - the odd 1 or 2 around my TOTM. That was it. But I was perfectly clear while on Diane. No acne anywhere. But I had to stop taking it and moved on to try other BCPs. I started getting acne on my chin and this has been what I have been fighting ever since. I could not find any other pill to clear my acne 100%. At one stage I was on a BCP called
  14. I feel for you and hope you clear up on bcp and spiro. I really understand how frustrating it is and how time consuming it is going to Drs and getting tests etc and then waiting for a new treatment to work! It sucks. Acne is such a depressing, distressing condition. Have you looked into blue light therapy? It really helps control my acne. There are devices you can buy to use at home. I use Tanda and I was clear in 5 weeks. Started seeing results within 3 weeks.
  15. I came off BCPs completely approximately 15 months ago. Funny you mention Yasmin, because that was the last one I took and it was so horrible for me that it made me quit BCP entirely. I was so moody on it and after crying over absolutely nothing, I realised I had to stop. I never had PMS in my life until I took that one. I have tried more than 7 different kinds of BCPs in the 10 years I took it. They all had some kind of (usually minor) side effect and I gradually lost my libido as well. The lib