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  1. as evident from this message board it would be fair to say that lasers and peels often deliver little to no results. But as someone told me, if it DID work they wouldn't be on here. The people on here are the people still looking for a cure. If you found a procedure that totally cleared your scars, you wouldn't be on here anymore talking about it. I know I wouldn't.
  2. A lot of things work. The problem is that most of the things you need to get rid of scars are A LOT of money. Laser, chemical peels etc. All big bucks.
  3. I have been using Mederma for a few months on my acne scars, and I still am. First I'd recommend not using it until you're acne free. It has never broken me out, but I waited until my skin was clear before I used it. As for me, it really HAS worked **knock on wood** It's worked a lot better than I ever expected it to. People kept saying it was a waste of money, and that it doesn't work. But my scars have faded a lot since using it. I still have a ways to go, but considering this is just the fi
  4. I experienced the same exact thing with Zapzyt, and yes it will go away. The problem with Zapzyt is that it uses 10%bp. That is A LOT. It is bound to cause your skin to be irritated. Stop using it,.I did. You need a smaller does of bp. And those aren't wrinkles you have, it's just dry cracked skin. You don't develop wrinkles overnight. They take a long time to show up on a persons face. And Zapzyt sucked anyway. It left white gunk all over my face! It was disgusting.
  5. I honestly have no clue if this is a myth or not. I doubt it has anything to do with sweating though (to the comment above). I never sweat when I do it but idk about you....lol. I've always masturbated regularly (ew I feel nasty typing this) and I never had any skin problems when I did. And regularly=about once daily. BUT when I was taking Adderall daily, it would make me really horny. Sometimes to the point where I could masturbate several times a day (for a chick thats a lot). And the onl
  6. I just posted about this on another thread, and it made me wonder if I'm the only one. I'm a girl FYI If a guy has really severe acne, of course I'll notice it. But if a guy has mild/moderate acne, I hardly even realize it. I don't even really acknowledge a guys skin problems, unless it is very bad. Guys I've known for years, sometimes I'll randomly look at their skin and think "Hmm he's broken out. Never noticed it before." Then that's really it. However when I see a girl with acne, I imme
  7. It isn't bad at all. I wouldn't really even notice it. To be honest, unless a guy has severe acne, I usually don't even notice their skin problems at all. I've had this guy friend for years, and it wasn't until last week when I was cutting his hair really up close..... that I even acknowledged he had acne. He always had it, I just never noticed. Yet when a girl has bad skin, I immediately notice it. I wish I didn't do that but I do. And I'm a girl myself.
  8. Oops but to finish my post......ignorance is everywhere. People are ignorant about religion, race, looks, etc. However, I strongly believe in karma. In one way or another, you will get back what you give. A perfect example for me was when a girl who used to constantly pick on me in school for being overweight, is now incredibly heavy. Way heavier than I ever was. I can't help but smirk because it was karma.
  9. Don't listen to ignorant morons like that. It is the same ignorance people with weight struggles face. People automatically think if you are overweight, it is because you're lazy and eat junk. There were SO many times when I'd be starving myself and working out 2-3 times a day, and I was still overweight (b/c of an eating disorder). I worked 10 x harder than all the skinny people I've ever known, yet people probably assumed I never got off the sofa. I really find that people with weight strug
  10. I was wondering if there is such a thing as spot treatment chemical peels? I'm afraid to have it done to my entire face. Especially if something goes wrong, it will be all over my face. So is there such a thing as a chemical peel only on problem areas?
  11. Ps- No I am not someone who just complains about one pimple, on a board with people who have severe acne. I am this stressed out because I already have acne scars on my face from a previous battle with acne. I'm still dealing with that and trying to find ways to cure it, and save up for a chemical peel. So to think that I may have yet another scar to add on my face is making me really upset.
  12. On my chin I have this one big pimple that looks horrible. I thought it was a whitehead at first, but it can't be because it's now TOTALLY white. All you can see is a white bubble and under it there is slight redness. Can whiteheads be totally white all over?? It sticks out like a sore thumb! And when I cover it with makeup, it just looks like I have this wart on my chin or something I only worry about what type of acne it is, because I'm afraid it will scar. And yes I am positive it is a pimp
  13. Ok thanks guys. And can chemical peels be done only on your problem areas, or do you have to do it to your entire face?
  14. I've noticed that a lot of people who have had chemical peels, have a waxy plastic...fake look to their faces. Do chemical peels always do this? I've seen before and after pics on websites. Some people look good, but some have that wax face look. I look at celebrities who have had chemical peels and it's the same. It was said that Ray Liotta had chemical peels done..and his skin has that waxy look to it. Anyways, does anyone know if chemical peels do this to your skin? Idk if anyone else no
  15. I think it fades redness some, but it's hard to tell at first. For me it burned my skin a little and made it really itchy. So I looked worse before better.