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  1. KrazyK

    Mah face...

    This is an album of my progress on the Regimen. All the derms I've spoken to are dying to get me on Accutane but I won't budge. The last pill I was on sent me to the ER with spinal meningitis. I can't imagine what Accutane would do, and I don't wanna. So I'm giving this a fair shot before I take this risk.
  2. I just wanted to say, it's been a long hard road but I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, Dan and everyone who's got the guts to come up here and share their story. You all are awesome!
  3. I will! :D You too, haha. Your pictures made me realize I should be taking mine with the same angles. It would look more consistent in the long run. xD

    1. I know what you mean. I thought the same thing but read a few posts about the initial breakout and that it could be pretty bad and was to be expected. A couple of people were successful after they toughed it out the first month. But I just posted some progress pics and it seems to be the same for me. I'm seeing a lot of improvement. Crazy, huh? Hopefully this will continue.
    2. You mean the initial breakout? Ya, pretty similar. maybe a little more intense than usual.
    3. CAn I get an AMEN? Yeah, my initial breakout was the worst! But things are getting better. It takes a lot of patience!! Thanks so very much. This post helped me through the tough parts. Evidence is in my gallery. Thanks again!
    4. Hello everyone! So, I finally got the guts to post some pics up in my gallery. I just did it so they should be viewable in the next 24 hours or so. But I really wish I had an example like this to look at when I began this Regimen. I had a really severe initial breakout and was really wondering if that was normal. I decided to put my faith in this Regimen instead of going back to the derm for accutane. I'm happy with the progress to far. So, hope this helps someone out there!
    5. Dude, Ok. There is something you can do in the meantime! Watch the videos on the Regimen and Start doing it ASAP. If it works for you, you won't have to take Accutane and face the risk of potential side effects, which can make you even more self conscious. For example, your hair could thin out and your lips get SUPER dry! You'll just be trading in one flaw for another. And look on the Accutane pages to make sure you are well informed about it. It is a very serious drug. Also, communicate
    6. Hi lilmiss! I just had to answer this post. I started the Regimen about 7 weeks ago and the very same thing happened to me. I broke out very badly the first month. It was about week 4 or five that the benzoyl peroxide started eliminating my cysts. But I do remember when I got the breakout it was absolutely horrible. I even thought about taking Accutane or having surgery. But I just put my trust in the Regimen, knowing that the initial breakout was because there was bacteria in my skin fro
    7. Is there a specific program you use to re-size your image? I tried Open Office Paint but had no luck...
    8. How can you tell if your skin doesn't do well with AHA? Like what will your skin do if it's being irritated? Redness and inflammation?
    9. Hey is anyone else having trouble uploading images onto their gallery? I've tried and it says my internet connection goes out. But this only happens when I try to upload. Weird.
    10. All right I've got about 38 days on the Regimen now. I've added AHA after moisturizing and have noticed that my cysts are flattening out. Getting a bit red, but then sort of calming down. So, I'm gonna keep going with this spot treatment. My face is getting better, although I did have a MONSTER initial breakout on the Regimen. Soooo not fun. I even thought about taking Accutane after the initial breakout, it's just embarrassing having so many cysts. So, I'm thinking maybe in a few weeks I