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  1. These past few days I have been developing some crazy redness around my mouth area They feel like rashes because the acne is still there and they itch/dry up if I don't moisturize the area. Has anyone ever had these? What is the fastest way to get rid of them? Ice did not really help. I have a job interview tomorrow so any help would be greatly appreciated. I look like a fool right now
  2. so a brief history/description of what happened been using doxycycline pills for around 4 months now... acne has somewhat improved.. the breakouts aren't as GIANT or RED as say... a year or two ago however this past week has been a pain in my ass... I woke up Monday with this giant red BUMP under my lips on the chin area... there was no pus inside to pop so I guess I irritated it A LOT when I went to try and pop it.. The next day the area started having pus and I had a giant red bump about 1
  3. Hey so I noticed last night that I had this bump on my chin and I went to try squeeze it out. Unfortunately there wasn't any puss inside so I just made it more red or something. Did the regular rubbing alcohol and ice over it and I wake up with this giant dot (and it's blood red, not an acne pink) did I just screw up by squeezing something that wasn't there? cause that kinda sucks... anything like this happen to you? ice doesn't seem to make that red any less noticeable at all blahhh