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  1. Thanks a bunch guys I think it went better than I expected. There were a few times when I was paranoid about him looking at my face, but I did keep my confidence up.
  2. About a year and a half ago, after I broke up with my last boyfriend, I decided I had too much acne to date– my self confidence was at an all time low and I hardly left the house. I kept telling myself that as soon as my acne cleared up, I would start dating and going out again, but inside I knew that I was just fooling myself because my face was not going to completely clear up that soon. So this weekend, I am going on a date. It's about time that I started going out again and facing things.
  3. Now, we've all heard about how tea tree oil is a natural treatment for acne. I'm sure you've scanned your local drugstore shelves for a small bottle. After a quick check of the two drugstores nearest me, (Whole Foods and other natural stores are kind of faraway) I found only one Tea Tree Oil product. Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil. I know, it sounds sketchy. I almost expected an 80's style photo on the bottle. And the thing about this product is that it's not *pure* tea tree oil, and that kin