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  1. retin-a did seem to help me but this was after a year of use and changing how much I used to find the exact amount that I needed. I still broke out but not quite as much. Also my skin in certain places became very dry and peely prone to wrinkles in those areas, in others very red and itchy. I used it for over a year. After I stopped the pimples came back.
  2. I am going to ask the nurse practitioner if I can take accutane. I dont even have a dermatologyst there. My acne is pretty bad. Right now I am controling it with doxycyline but I have no idea if I will ever be able to stop taking this stuff. I still break out but at least it is controling my cystic acne to some degree. I am with kaiser which I dont think has that great of a dermatology program. I don't even know if they prescribe accutane. So now I am wondering if anyone with kaiser has g
  3. my doctor told me that using just benzoyle peroxide for cystic acne wont work because it probably wont penetrate deeply enough and that you need to take something internally to get rid of cystic acne. So it should work if you just have white heads. Im not using bp anymore but when i did use it I broke out really badly for the first month on it. My skin took a while to get used to it. If you have never used it before I would start with just a little bit.
  4. This seems to help pimples that I have squeezed or irritated. I try not to pick at my face but sometimes I cant help myself. If I have picked at a pimple and it is very red and swollen I wet a baby asprin and apply about half of it to the pimple. Wait about 10 minutes or until its completely dry and then rinse off. The redness and swelling has always gone down when I do this. I am not sure if this is actually good to do or not. Anyone know? I heard that putting visine on the face isnt goo
  5. I had a huge painful cystic pimple six months ago that is still here. I can't stand it. It is no longer painful but it feels like a fluid filled bump now and is red. It will not go away and I do not touch it or pick at it. The skin on it sort of flakes a little and once I accidentally scrathed it and it started bleeding. How do I get rid of it? if I go to the dermatologyst can they do anything to get rid of it? I really don't want to go and pay a lot of money for the doc to say that only
  6. I think it depends on how bad your acne is and what kind you have. if you have light to moderate acne then the retin-a might be able to clear it up but more than that and I don't think it will ever completely clear a person up when used on its own. I used retin-a micro alone for over a year and it did help me but I was still breaking out every 2 weeks just not as bad. My dermatologyst told me that if you have cystic acne anything just topical wont ever clear it up. You need to take antibioti
  7. because my health care provider is kaiser and I just think their dermatology department is so bad. I want to go on accutaine now since my acne is obviously not going to go away. I hope they will provide it but I just cant see how I would do the doctors appointments and blood tests when it takes months just to get one appointment with them. I am so frustrated.
  8. This is the same thing that happend to me. I was about 19 and I even use to do modeling. People always told me that my skin was so flawless. I never broke out. Then I started getting a few pimples on my chin and before I knew it my whole chin was covered with acne! When you get acne in your lower face and you are female it is usually hormone related. Anyway, I suffered from this acne and I was so confused about why I was getting this. About the same time my periods started to become terri
  9. One reason why I think this may not work as well for you is because they are drying your skin. My skin got so dry on retin-a micro and I have read that dry skin takes much longer to heal when you have pimples and that it is not healthy. And it's true my skin has remained dry even after discontinuing retin-a and my pimples take FOREVER to heal. When I did not have dry skin they would take about a week to heal. Now they take a month!
  10. yes it's true but not all. The ones that will make your skin worse before it gets better are usually topical medications like benzoyle peroxide and retin-a because they irritate your skin at first and they also cause existing pimples to come to the surface faster from what I understand. I have tried both benzoyle peroxide and retin-a and my skin broke out really badly the first month on them. After that my skin got used to the medications and was not irritated anymore. My dermatologyst told
  11. well I don't know how bad your acne was but I am thinking that as soon as you stop taking them it is going to start to come back. Those medications don't cure your acne. They will make it go away while you are taking them but once you stop your acne will likely return.
  12. My doctor gave me doxycycline and I've only been taking it for less than a month but I think my acne is already starting to come back! For the first two weeks I did not break out at all but starting the third week I am getting 5 or 6 small pimples and my face is starting to feel that itchy kind of oilyness again. They are not the cystic kind that I had before I started though. Does this mean that the medication is starting to wear off? How will I know if it is starting to wear off?
  13. well I know for a fact that mine is hormonal. I never had acne until I was 19 years old when I started getting sick. Before that people would come up to me and say how jealous they were that my skin was so smooth and clear. When I turned 19 I started getting extremely sick during the time of my periods and I was breaking out like crazy on my lower face. Then I started skipping periods and the acne was even worse. 2 years later after seeing a few gynecologysts I found out that I had 16 cm cy
  14. well you don't really know what those little white bumps are yet. They could be warts or white heads too. I have a medical book that shows all sorts of pictures of different skin conditions and a lot of them look lik acne even though their not. They may need a different treatment. Something that I do is I wash with a gentle antibiotic soap. I believe this really helps me along with using the bp. And dont forget to apply moisturizer. You may have been using too much too. I only use half a
  15. I've been on this one week and my skin is clear. Usualy I start to break out most after my period really bad and so far no break outs. At first when I started to use the bp I did break out a lot more but now it has cleared up and the peeling has stopped. What I am doing is a little different though. I'm using 10% bp cream. A very tiny half a pea sized drop on my problem area which is jaw area and then I apply moisturizer. And in the morning I wash my face and just spot treat with the bp w