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  1. brandylee, thank you for posting what you did! i completely understand what you're talking about, i even get sick of people who are complaining that their face gets "oily" after 3-4 hours... mine is an OIL SLICK after an hour! my pores are huge, i'm also always blotting.. & omg, the constant fear that someone might touch my face & have their hands slip off!! or having to see them slyly wipe their hands on their jeans! so horrible. i've also tried so many things, the milk of magnesium (o
  2. i actually knew a girl who had a TON of bacne. she would still wear tops that showed her bacne, which seriously speckled every possible area of her back. however, she still got LOTS of action from guys, basically anyone she wanted. the lesson here is that she was realyl confident & didn't take any shit about her bacne, so maybe you shouldn't either. i dont think people really care about things like that when engaging in sexual activities, since there should be other things receiving more a
  3. i used 'beige' or something for a long time & my face always looked so dark/ashy at the end of the day. i tested the makeup on the underside of my arm & it turned orange! if you're going to try it anyway, i found sometimes that it was too thick, so i would wet the sponge before applying. i've moved on from aquasmooth though.
  4. hmm, i think i might have rosacea too, since my skin is constantly red & darker than the rest of my body. so, i'm kind of happy to see that retin-a might help in treating rosacea, since i'm actually taking it right now. i know most ppl say it is irritating & causes redness, but i find that it actually tones down my redness (right after i put it on at night) & that it hasn't irritated my skin at all. of course, i would definitely recommend you gradually ease your skin into being used
  5. hmm, i don't really know what this is. but for a little background, i have had mild acne for about 2 years now, before which i had really massively severe acne. what is kind of weird about my skin though is that i don't have scars that are distinct. my entire face is a few shades darker than the rest of my body. it is also reddish, & gets more red very easily from heat or embarrassment on my part. i don't really think it is scars all over my face (as a result of having such severe acne bef
  6. i use the powder. it is very smooth, but i use a brush to apply it, not the crappy sponge that it comes with. i haven't noticed it oxidizing / changing color. it doesn't smell very pleasant though. i like it, but when it runs out, i think i'll try something else.
  7. i use the same makeup. i used to wipe my face a lot throughout the day & noticed that at the end of the day, i would've wiped away all the makeup from my nose, so that it looked pretty obvious. however, from then on, i always dampened the makeup sponge before using it to apply my makeup, & now it blends in a lot smoothly & is not so obvious anymore. hopefully that helps with the lines?
  8. my makeup doesn't make my skin worse. i use cheap makeup, covergirl aquasmooth & loreal true match.
  9. people, herpes are not *only* on the genitals, they are also on the mouth (more commonly known as "cold sores"). i highly doubt your acne looked like herpes, herpes are open sores. they are really big & yellow & crusty. look up pictures on google. but yes, you can get herpes from a razor. especially if its had contact with an open sore.
  10. herpes is a virus, there are two types, simplex 1 & simplex 2. in more common terms, oral herpes & genital herpes. oral herpes are fairly common, over 50% of americans have it. you might be familiar with it, oral herpes are also known as cold sores. they usually appear around the edges of your lips. it sort of looks like a pimple at first (but kind of tingly), but then it erupts into an open sore on your lips. it turns into a kind of a yellow crusty scab thing. genital herpes is open sor
  11. hmm, i've been using for 3 weeks. no break out & all & no irritation. i did forget to apply it a couple nights & forgot to clean my face also (for 3 days, i accidentally fell asleep). so i kind of got a breakout from that, but nothing major. i like retin-a a lot, its seemed to shrink my pores a bit.
  12. you might be allergic to bp. i'm allergic to bp, & whenever i put it on, i get really dry, itchy, red skin that hurts. i put hydrocortisone creme on it, it works well for me.
  13. i'm starting my 2nd week on .025% tretinoin, & like you, haven't been getting any reactions at all (i use it every night). well, i have noticed that around pimples that i picked at, the skin peels a little. other than that, nothing. do you have only mild acne? i have really mild acne (i wanted retin-a mainly for smoothing out my skin & shrinking pores). maybe there hasn't been a breakout because retin-a can't really purge your skin much.
  14. i've always wondered this too. especially while hunting for part-time jobs. but on the other hand, lots of really fat people get hired, if you can consider being really fat as unattractive as acne. & lots of people who are ugly get hired or who have humongous birthmarks on their face. i think you just really need a good attitude when going in for a job interview, be happy & really talkative & smile a lot. also, career-wise, i really don't think acne matters. career-orientated busin
  15. my doctor told me to take it with food. i usually take it after eating. & wow, you're taking 250mg 3 times a day? i'm on 250mg a day. but i've been known to get nauseous with antibiotics.