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  1. Yup!

    Yesss! Love this clear gel; glides on much more smoothly than the pasty creams you find in stores. Thanks for large sizes, Acne.org
  2. No longer taking meds for acne - no spiro, no birth control...just good hygiene and regular facials; attached pic is no makeup and no filter; you can see I'm still clear :)


    A few bumps on forehead due to stress and not enough water (and too much wine)...nothing a good egg white mask can't handle...


    1. Bubbles15


      Looks great! I sent you a message... wondered what med you went on for the hypothyroidism??? Been on meds and skin doesnt like them was wondering if you found a med that works for thyroid!

  3. you have awesome bone structure!

  4. Andi B

    ~ 18 Months

    Underwent pixel treatmet 3 two weeks ago; I must say my scars have improved dramatically. I no longer fear sunlight or fluorescent lighting. I may opt for a fourth treatment simply because my skin is far from perfect...we'll see... As far as acne...what acne?? I rarely get a bump nowadays. Used to still get small pustules on chin/jaw around that time of month, though those have stopped now that I'm using TRIA's Skin Clarifying System (http://www.triabeauty.com/info/the-tria-skin-clarifying-sy
  5. Andi B

    Skin/hair less oily Clear skin (after prolonged use) Inexpensive Food Intolerance Dry skin Weight loss Thirst/FREQUENT urination Initial breakout HORRIBLE! Took over a year to see results I've waited 18 months to write my review because I know this medication takes time to work. The initial breakout was the worst I'd ever experienced (see gallery pics). Though after about six months, the cysts subsided and my skin remains cyst free. I do struggle with hives on
  6. Andi B

    -Easy to make -Inexpensive -Makes skin smooth as a baby's bottom -Dries out exisiting eruptions quickly -Tad bit messy I dissolve four aspirin in a tablespoon, then add a few drops of honey. I gently rub the paste onto entire face - leave on for 20 minutes. As I remove, I gently exfoliate. I've been doing this daily for roughly 2 weeks now and my skin is smoother, brighter, and 'clean' looking. I'll continue with the daily use until I feel mild breakouts are under contr
  7. Andi B

    One Year

    Wow! Can't believe I've been on the medication for a full year. I certainly do not struggle with cysts anymore. And my skin is "normal" as opposed to the oil slick I was used to. Hair is less greasy too. And I have not gained back any of the ~ 15 pounds I've lost since starting the meds (could stand to gain a few) - though I'm no longer losing. My skin is far from flawless, however. I continue to struggle with the strange red spots on my cheeks and nose - which leads me to believe I may have
  8. Sky, I've been taking 1000 mg/day of EPO for two weeks now and have developed three large, pus-filled cysts on my chin. I was actually reading this thread to see if anyone else had similar effects - and whether or not I should stop the EPO. Did your cysts subside after stopping? I just hate that I'm one of the few few people to actually get acne with this stuff.
  9. Andi B

    Painless Quick Burning flesh odor! Eye sensitivity I had my first treatment yesterday morning. The whole process was pretty painless, more uncomfortable than anything else. Felt like a strong wind blowing sand/grit on my face. Immediately after, and for the remainder of the day, I looked like I had a bad sunburn. It did not itch, burn, or hurt. Today, I am barely pink. No swelling. No pain. No nothing! My skin is a bit dry/tough, that's it...I'm beginning to wonder if it was worth my t
  10. Dairy Processed Carbs Sugar Caffeine
  11. Andi B

    Month 9.25

    No changes to report. Medication is working fine. I continue to get the quick-fading, mysterious red spots on my cheeks - though not worth stressing... Now that breakouts are well under control, I opted to have a pixel laser treatment for the scarring. My first treatment was yesterday. It was pretty painless, more uncomfortable than anything else. I was red all day yesterday. Today, I look pretty much normal, other than the faint grid that seems to be painted on. I hope to start peeling soon.
  12. Andi B


    I had the worst breakout of my life when starting Spiro; it lasted for roughly 4 months...HUGE PAINFUL PUS FILLED CYSTS that left scar after scar... I stuck it out, though...and now, nearly 9 months into the medication, I can honestly say that I don't really break out anymore...I get random tiny red spots that are gone within 24 hours...that's it. I just have scarring and hyperpigmentation to deal with now, really.
  13. i got something of a chemical burn on my face when i applied it undiluted; it lasted for about 3 days. i would err on the side of caution - and try it diluted first...if you feel your skin does well, apply again with less dilution, and on and on...i've been using ACV for a while (nearly 9 months) and my skin still can't handle full strength
  14. (1) Shouldn't matter where you buy your ACV, as long as it's organic; I buy Bragg's from GNC. (2) For some, ACV, when ingested, "cleans" out the system, ridding the body of toxins, thus helping to clear skin. When applied topically, it helps to dissolve fatty deposits on the skin’s surface and reduces scaly conditions, promoting a softer, smoother appearance. It also regulates the pH of the skin. I do both. I take 2 tablespoons with 8 oz. filtered water each morning. And I use it as a toner