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  1. the facewash and nighttime cream don't seem any different than any other product for me (i could get similar for much cheaper). the daytime lotion worked well to make me less red, BUT, the sunscreen it in (i believe) made my skin extremely shiny, so i've decided to just stick to green (red-correcting) face powders instead. it didn't seem to improve (as claimed) my redness at all, and i used all three products for over a month.
  2. i hadn't really tried the PF kind (though i love their red-correcting powder, sigh), but the sally hansen's no-shine didn't work, so i took it back. oh well! wanting to try some of veggie girl's now when i get a chance... (i don't hop on these boards as often as i'd like to)
  3. birth control has many, many different side effects. for some people, their skin gets worse (mine did on depo). however, i'm now on a pill that's supposed to help clear up acne. there are something like 30 different types of birth control pills -- if one doesn't help after a few months (and most skin clearing things will get WORSE before they get better, dunno why), then ask for another kind.
  4. how good is this makeup for oily skin? my skin was very red, so i was using eucerin's redness relief moisturizer, which has a green tint...great for covering the red, but the suncreen in it made my skin REALLY oily/shiny (suncreen does that to me!) so now i have not so oily skin, but it's bright red, no matter what i do. i'd be very interested in trying it out, when i get some money...
  5. just FYI, walgreens carries mineral makeup. physician's formula has recently come out with some mineral powder (no talc) with vitamins in it, and one of the colors of sally hansen (i believe) corn silk no-shine powder is made primarily with mica (mineral) instead of talc. also (shhhhhh) aug 14-20, the physician's formula (all kinds!) makeup will be 40% off. i've never tried any of these, but i really want to try the no-shine powder, as the physician's kind is almost $13....
  6. i was using clean and clear's for sensitive skin, but it's a little drying. noxema seems to work fine, and i really like the menthol tingle (not sensitive to menthol anyway it seems). what's a SUPER gentle cleanser that i might consider using more often isn't made to be a facewash... care tech laboratory's "satin" body wash, it's an antibacterial (maybe useful against acne?) wash and it is VERY gentle and moisturizing...probably more gentle than noxema, i've used it before...might order some ag
  7. yeah...unfortunately i've got sensitive skin. it's seemed to clear my skin up probably about 50%, but the redness/tightness kind of sucks. :\
  8. i think i'm going to have to quit, because my skin STILL is red/gets irritated, even after using the same/equal amount of bp for 2 1/2 months. plus, sometimes, no matter how much moisturizer i used (and i've been through about a dozen moisturizers, with only ONE not irritating my bp'ed skin), it's still dry. (surface oil, but dry skin...always feels tight) anyone else think it's time to give up? :\
  9. yeah...sunscreen has irritated my skin since i was little. if i'm a bit red, i can't put it on, it BURNS. the stinging for me really never goes away...after half an hour or something i end up washing whatever's on my face off before i end up crying. i guess a lot of people mention it's mild/goes away quickly but it just doesn't with my skin. :\ and yeah, i've been using the same facewash for about a year now, clean and clear's sensitive skin stuff. i'll have to look into that. st. ives is my
  10. i totally don't do the burning thing, and my skin was super sensitive to sunscreen BEFORE the regimen. there's no way i'm trying that, lol. i saw the thing about the wrinkles though, i'll have to see if that works.
  11. oh yeah...i've tried that one too LOL the kiss my face -- oil free moisturizer with NaCPA has really good reviews on drugstore.com know anything about it?
  12. i've tried cutting back...when i woke up with wrinkles this morning i didn't put any on, and i'm not going to this evening... i haven't tried the skin renewal moisturizer and i'm very very warey to because of the sunscreen i've ALWAYS been very sensitive to sunscreen, and now my skin is red/irritated, and that's just asking for trouble for me that's why i was asking about the night version they have of it...
  13. ever since i started, my skin has been red and irritated. it slowed down for a while, but then i got some of dan's bp gel, and my skin was so dry this morning that i had wrinkles, after putting moisturizer on three times before i went to bed last night. i've been through several types of moisturizers. mary kay's hydrating gel doesn't irritate, it's good for the day time, BUT, it is not moisturizing enough (and the first month i was on the neutrogen's on the spot treatment, when i was building