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  1. i eat whatever i want and have flawless skin because i apply a thin amount of bp once a day, and for the last year recently did a commercial and had to use trace amounts of makeup, while the girls were getting lathered up in it to hide stuff it feels great
  2. naw, i just took that pic off the web. i wasn't going to actually take a pic of a pizza i'm currently eating some ben & jerry's ice cream, yum! it's so relaxing not having to worry
  3. ate this last week and some more today. yummy! and i've been 100% clear for over a year because i use bp once a day washed it down with a tall glass of whole milk!
  4. according to gi, candy corn is a better food than a potatoe.
  5. acne vs link, please leave the board. i am not a big believer in diet and i am less of a tool than you. you provide nothing to these boards, really, and keep trying to boast your pseudo intelligence with really dumb quotes that don't belong in your posts. stop trying to appear wise and all knowing, when you simply appear foolish, condescending, and down right fake. you claim to spout "truths" but what you spout is opinions based on your own personal experience. you claim to understand "science"
  6. um: 1-weight training is not going to harm your skin. if anything it will help your skin due to the large stress release of heavy/hard training 2-i lift weights and eat a lot of food and have not had one little pimple in the last year. i post here for fun occasionaly, like others. what is your current acne status? 3-improving self image and thus confidence, irregardless, is always a GOOD and GREAT thing.. not a "ok" thing 4-if anybody is vain, it's people on acne.org. the vast majority of pe
  7. acne vs link is a hilarious person.