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  1. Have you ever done a full on caveman regimen where you stopped usage of all topicals and soaps and basically anything on your face besides water? I ask because you said there were times where you would go off BP but the acne would return, but were you still using soap/other products on your face during those times? I've recently had success with the caveman regimen (water only) after 15 years of acne and 12+ years of HEAVY twice a day BP use. So for me the issue was overwashing and exces
  2. CETAPHIL SKIN CREAM. Been using it now for like 3 of the 6 years I've been on the regimen. I use to be flaky a lot too, but with this stuff, seriously ONE application after washing face and applying BP and I don't have to think about it the rest of the day. It's may seem a little pricey at around 15 bucks for a 16 oz jar, but it takes so little with each application that I've made a jar last almost a year.
  3. I agree with the first reply completely and I'll explain why. So i've been on the regimen for 5 years now (started at 15 now almost 20) and over time i gradually had to keep putting more on to keep up with my acne getting worse with age to the point that I was using so much BP to keep clear it literally took me 20 minutes to apply it all to the lower half of my face. And that doesn't account for the time spent of my forehead, chest, and back. BUT, after remaining consistently clear for awhile i
  4. Cool thanks a lot for your input. I think for starters I'll try not washing just my chest and see how that goes, because in the past the acne on it has been much less severe on it than on my back and I'm kinda nervous to just stop. If I see a good reaction then I'll move on to my back and face. Thanks again.
  5. Hey I just came across this cuz I'm tired of the amount of time it takes to do Dan's regimen. I'm an 18 year old male who has had acne since i was 11. Has this no-washing thing been successful for anyone with acne on their back and chest in addition to their face? I'd like to stop also because I get a lot of dryness and flaky skin on my face even if I just wet it down; and I'm sure this is because of the large amount of BP I've been using twice a day for 4 years. About a week ago I visited some
  6. So Im 17 and considering going on accutane. Obviously one of my biggest concerns is the initial breakout. So i was just curious about how long this would last and if it would be wise to try and control it a bit with Dans Regimen which Ive been doing for a couple years. Also Ive heard that the longer you wait to start a course the less likely you are to relapse and have your acne return. Is this true? And if so is 17 a good age to do it? And finally i just learned that name brand Accutane has bee
  7. Hey there just a quick question, can shaving gel clog your pores? I'm 17 I've been shaving with just water and a razor for awhile but my facial hair is starting to increase and this way of shaving irritates my skin and makes me break out along my jawline. So im thinking that using gel will reduce irritation, but i want to know first if it can clog pores and make the break outs worse.
  8. I appreciate the reply but i dont believe this to be the case. Several months ago i did in fact intentionally lower the amount of bp i used. The reason for this was that previously i used so much that it wouldnt all abosrb and would wind up balling up as i rubbed it in and it irritated my skin causing me to break out. When i lowered the amount i actually saw a great improvement for awhile. Its just lately that i started getting these random breakouts.
  9. So ive been on the regimen for over 2 years now with much luck for the most part. I was 15 at the time and was completely clear for the first year of my use But now my skin is super unpredictable, i do the regimen exactly the same everyday but the results are always changing. For example: Up until a few days ago my face was completely clear for almost 2 weeks except for some small but persistent spots on my forehead. By now my forehead is completely clear but im getting breakouts on my chin and
  10. Thanks for all the input guys. Just one more question, i picked up some today and put it on after a shower and bp, but i was wondering if ur supposed to use a lot so that it leaves a residue or just a little so it sinks in. I put a lot on and it's just sorta sitting there. Feels good tho
  11. U can try it. But just so u know, when i first started getting acne in middle school it didnt bother me at all. I had lots of small pimples all over my chin, forehead, and top of my cheeks, but i never gave it a thought. But for me it only ever got worse until i finally looked in a mirror and decided that something had to be done. Now with the regimen i am fretting more than ever before about my skin but i gotta say, it looks pretty damn good.
  12. So I've decided to get some gold bond for my back cuz of all the raving going on for it, but i was also wondering if it would be ok to use on the face. My main concern is it sapping up too much oil and leaving my face dry and flaky. Any recommendations?
  13. So i just want to use a jpeg photo to be my picture but when i go to upload it, the page will load a long time and then just say, "upload failed please contact an administrator" any way to fix this? not a big deal i know but just curious. *ok an update: i figured out that the file size is 1.8 MB which is way too big. Can anyone tell me how to reduce the file size to 50KB?