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  1. almost 2 months off and feeling/looking great
  2. 2 weeks off of tane and feeling great
  3. definately I must admit the last few months dryness was bad but now that I am off it I notice much improvemnet. Stay hydrated. Tripleflex from Costco is good to help with the joint pain, and always keep lips and skin hydrated. I did it during the winter which made it easier to stay away from the sun.
  4. I am officially off of Accutane WooHoo I took Tripleflex along with Hylanronic (sp) which greatly helped with muscle/joint pains. I am feeling great now that I completed it 2 days ago.
  5. I am officially done with accutane I go to the Derm May 10th for final observation. It has been excellent skin especially since I just got engaged. I can't wait to enjoy the sun again. It should be out of my system by then. I feel less muscle aches.
  6. Month 7 completes April 22 my Derm said it will be it.
  7. I should be off Accutane in the next month or 2 and I wante dto know what I should expect. When will accutane completely come out of my system. I don't want to go into this summer with accutane in my body and the sun causing issues. Thanks
  8. 5 months done almost 6 face 100% back a lil mor eto go.
  9. 5 months have past 2 more weeks then month 6 will be complete my face is 100% my back still a lil. I notice dry eyes as well. Can't wait to finish this medicine before the summer.
  10. 5 months down. Derm suggested 1 more month face clear back is a little finicy.
  11. 5 months under my belt derm added one more since the back is a little finicky but its 99% clear. My face is great.
  12. It states not to take Vitamin A while on Accutane I am in my 5th month I need 1 more month to go and wanted to know since we can't have Vitamin A does that mean we cannot have Spinach or carrots? Or does it just ,eam we can't take vitamins? Thanks
  13. 5th month so far so good going todo 6 since I have some very minor acne on my shoulders and 1 on my face.
  14. looks like 6 months instead of 5 face is excellent back has a lil left on the shoulders. I wish i did b4 photos
  15. 4 months completed this week woohoo no side effects 1 more month to go. I do see residual acne I hope this last month works wonders for good.