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  1. The bottom line is acne is a confidence killer, it rapes the one thing that you have to present yourself to the world with. Coming from an odd family, they all thought that I would grow out of acne soon enough, and never sought medical treatment even when it got to its worst. I think it got to it's worst when I was 15 - 16, I am now 17 and I feel that it is just now that the acne is starting to subside. Then again, on my mother's side, msot males had bad acne but it subsided at around 17 or 1
  2. Has anyone seen a dermatologist? What would one usually prescribe? Most of the stuff you guys advise me to use is weak OTC products . . . So, is there no stand-out Accutane counterpart for comedonal acne? Antibiotics perhaps? What would a derm prescribe?
  3. Please do post pictures! And possibly some of when you had the bumps. My acne sounds remarkably like your's. Did it take only 2 days to get all the bumps off your face?
  4. Are there any products that anyone can actually vouch for? I have near to no faith in OTC products... They all give me hope... and take it away far too soon. And keep in mind, I am not the once a month pimple guy. I'm the clomodore fucked dude...
  5. Off the top of your head(s) lol, do you guys know of any products that have 2% salyclic acid? How good is this acid btw? Is it like BP that works only on extremely mild blackheads/pimples? Becase THe largest clogged pore I have is a seemingly unpoppable pimple that has been lingering for give or take four weeks. That's how hardocre my shit is. Thanks guys, really appreciate the response. I'm actually glad I actually took some time to investigate my skin... or I might have ran to the derm beg
  6. lol, I feel like just a reatard today. I just figured that my blackheads weren't really blackheads but clogged pores, and my acne isn't that bad, it's just the skin's texture that is covered with clogged pores that actually gave me the impression of having horrible cystic acne. Enough moping. What are the general solutions to this problem? Clogged pores aren't discussed generally here; i used the search. I did read that Accutane and Retin-A do nothing for clogged pores. . . Anything at all
  7. Hello P3dro, You really look bad-assss with the tattoo and the buzz cut and the ear studs; stud To be honest, I starting looking for the worst acne before pictures to compare myself to... and I found your's; and I've been going back and forth about accutane cuz of all the side-effects... and I think after going through your whole log that it will definitely be worth it. It sounds like you go to college/uni, which one do you go to if you don't mind my asking? I'll be starting next year, and
  8. My skin is not oily at all, except for the pimples. I realized that Accutane simply dries up the oil glands for a while, and if my skin isn't oily at all... then would it work as well?
  9. Actually, I do live in Canada And I doubt I'll have any money for accutane before July.
  10. Hi. I've received the privileges of being able to go see a derm about my acne condition in July. Next July. I tried another form of Retin-A for a while but that didn't work. Antibitotics didn't work either. Tane seems to be the next logical alternative. But, the effects of taking the medicine have me scared shitless. On this forum, we have people with popping bones and internal bleeding from Accutane. And additionally, to help me with my decision, I found out that it was a chemo medication.
  11. When I wrote that my face was covered in pustules and scabs and I felt this urgency to medicate myself. The urgency has died down a bit as my face looks a lot better this morning, but I'll still need to medicate myself eventually. My mom doesn't work, we live on alimony checks from my dad who doesn't live in Canada so my mom probably has no coverage and neither do I. I think I'll have to start off by saving money and then getting a reccomendation to a dermatologist. And unfortunately, I st
  12. Hi Andrew! Coincindentally my name is Andrew too and I live in Toronto (as of half a year ago). I had a couple of questions about Accutane and the Canadian medical system that I'm too ashamed to ask anyone else. I'm 16, do I need my parents' signature/permission to obtain prescription meds? The reason I ask this is because my parents are uber-Indian and don't understand why a male child should take any regard in his appearance. There's no point in talking to them about it. I spent a week lob
  13. Shalom good people. No, I'm not Jewish, I just like saying shalom. I've been suffering for acne since grade 8. I'll be going into grade 12 right now, and I'm 16 y/o, and my face looks like a fucking mosh pit. Oh, and I skipped a grade and fast forwarded a couple of courses, so yeah, don't read too much into the grd 12 and 16 thing. Anyways, I've sacrificed my high school years by chilling with the stoners. I've always been complacent, never happy and the acne is the root cause. I apologize for