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  1. yeah it does indeed bring all the crap out faster than it would naturally.. thats my experience after 1 day lol! SV i washed and put the gel on... my face was pretty dry and I noticed a lot of flakyness and clogged pores which were easy to see and 'get out'.. so i decided to press some out very very gently which they flew out thankfully. so no damage caused! then i thought.. well clearly there is a dead skin layer all over my face from this flakeyness, so i shaved. after the sha
  2. tmi? yeah unless my skin would do this anyway? lol. But it is very early days tbf. my skin has been dry today, splashed face in the AM then went to the gym and had a shower after. Is it wise to put differin on every other day or once every 3 days for a week or so :/ do it chase. I regret not doing it years ago. whats worse, breaking out from differin then being clear and not breaking out much ever again, or constantly breaking out... thats why i jumped SV do you always
  3. ew thats nasty lol! well in that case i will be the pioneer and find out! they say never pop them, so lets see what happens when you don't. This is going to be SO hard edit: that was rather short lived, I didnt pick it however... i wash my face with luke warm water and used a small amount of that gentle exfoliator from johnsons and the white head just came out on its own accord. a further two white heads were also sat on the surface that came out with a warm compress. got a
  4. Well... it was day two technically for that spot because i 'spot' treated it. but still.. thats a bit crazy! so my question, what happens if i don't squeeze it? where does the white shit go? if differin brings it out then does it need a hand or?
  5. SV... just had a shower after a work out, and this hard/white head has come up like a mofo... i mean i saw a red patch on my forehead for weeks... and this differin must have released it already!! its still under the skin, its very very close to the surface, almost begging to be popped.. i was so so so so so close to popping it but i used self control and left it. I refuse. I want the differin to kick its ass.
  6. fair enough man - will be making sure you do ps is that the spinnica tower portsmouth in your pic?
  7. jack avoid this company they will harm and suck you dry for every peeny you have on top of that little till no results jack avoid this company they will harm and suck you dry for every peeny you have on top of that little till no results i will include photos buddy in june jack avoid this company they will harm and suck you dry for every peeny you have on top of that little till no results jack avoid this company they will harm and suck you dry for every peeny you have on top of that
  8. Oh that sounds really bad, can you sue them? do you have a photo of your scarring you could show that she has caused? I am very surprised she used needles and tools! I used an extractor once and its what gave me scars to. Mainly because i pressed too hard.. so stupid. anyway. really not good to hear this news of yours, and now you have to go through these other treatments to fix it. I thought the DMK got a good feedback but this has shocked me. I went to a sk:n clinic and i feel they a
  9. yeah i have heard of Niacinamide - its Vitamin b3? I took some tablets of this for the flushing effect, its amazing lol! crazy but fun. yes the doc told me it would help with the minor surface scars, so lets see.... its good i am now doing something about all this. wish i tried sooner. have a look into copper peptides i am very intrigued about them been reading about them all afternoon and they look promising.
  10. Yeah its the way this website is made! keep posting lol thats right, the redness in my face seems greatly reduced. cant wait for it to rid these clogged pores as well! crazy how they came and went in a day. yeah well the only advice i can say about picking is.. dont. something easy to say and *impossible to do. yeah the skinceuticals sounds good doesn't it, apparently its good for reactive skin, and helps break up pigmentation from sun damage and PIH i would imagine? what does the
  11. oh ok, hmm, its a bit odd that they merged, but as you say its because they were close together. this must also mean the the skin is dissolving in thickness for this to happen (logically?) so with that in mind, i would guess that over time the whole area will become the same depth and thus show a reduction in the indentations? what do you think? what has your derm said] just did some googling, because i too have some minor ice pick atrophic scars from skin picking. And here is a good th
  12. hey, so how did you get these scars originally? how long have you had them? who is doing these procedures?
  13. I am sad that i caused enlarged pores either side of my nose where as before it was perfect skin. I think its because i started shaving there and it irritated the skin. Then the time i used a thick moisturiser clogged it up and i squeezed all the black heads out and used an extractor. i wish more than anything i could undo that damage, i wonder if over time using differin etc will fix that area, or perhaps i'll need dermapen or a laser? so depressed every time i look back at old photos be
  14. aw bless you i think its because you have under a certain amount of posts? Its my faults for asking too many questions all over the place! yeah i get 20% discount because my company has a deal with the other company! I agree it is trial and error, sadly for me its all been error, everything has clogged it up and i've picked it so sad. I wonder if the IB inflames spots? from what I read in the instructions of DIFF is that it soothes and calms inflammation! Thats kool how it does that,
  15. thats ok (: it taught me to appreciate doing less is sometimes more. I think it helped restore my skin somewhat and now it needs repairing from the acne outbreak and clogged pores i caused.. why cant my skin be normal. Oh good! its good to know I am actually doing the right thing. only thing is, i dont have those other products as yet! so going to call up tomorrow and do a bulk order, i get 20% discount (: so that would be nice. for me, even water can dry my skin out, its always natura
  16. Hi, I think the skin you are seeing is purely linked to your age, as you know the body goes through a lot of changes around the age you are. But as you say a regime will help control matters and you seem to have a good routine in place. you are using a retinoid correct? this product i am sure you will find will do a good job on its own of turning the skin cells over, i always say less is more, yes use an AHA if you get crusty skin, but tbh it means you should back off retinoid a bit to
  17. Hello all. Going to keep this relatively short and sweet. first post will be longer than subsequent posts Stats: sex: male age:26 Location: UK acne type: clogged pores, white heads, black heads. 'mild' skin type: Dry skin texture: bumpy in places (forehead) and smooth in others (cheeks) and lots of PIH (hyperpigmentation) of different shades from brown to red to pink. Various atropic scars from years of picking and being too hard on my skin, very shallow scars but non the less still v
  18. Hey thanks for this reply, really helpful. sounds like its working swimmingly for you! i'm very happy, its good to know its working for you so it can work for me. ok so an update to my skin from now 21/02/2014 for reference; The whole 'not doing anything' was just masking up problems, it did however even the skin tone out a bit BUT it just made it clog up and i was getting white heads and congestion which cant be good really can it. Furthermore i had a white head on my forehead near the hairlin
  19. haha well I've done it for years now! I like eating good healthy food. It's just become part of my life to be honest with you. Furthermore it started as another attempt to eliminate the cause of spots.... It was tough at first, in fact you go through an odd foggy head stage, but then when that goes you feel 'awake' again, i think its the bodies way of craving sugar, as in refined sugar. yea be careful with allergies! thats an entirely different ball game!! you will ! i have faith in y
  20. Hmm maybe you are right, I suppose we are different but skin is skin lol! Yeah I know! I eat veg, meats, breads, fruits, and thats about it to be honest! yeah you can do, although you have to have been ingesting dairy for 6 weeks prior to a blood test, or it wouldnt prove anything as its not in your system, and i know i suffer with symptoms - bad gas and stomach cramps (not kool) Thats great i'm sure your'll get in! 18! i am 26 lol! had mild acne since 20- clear skin from 15 to 17, so
  21. Hmm I don't know if its tougher, i think thats a misconception? Yes this is what has stopped me taking the antibiotics to be honest. I'll enquire about the blood test for sure, I do wonder if they are imbalanced or not :/ my diet has been clean for 4 years now, no sugar, no dairy, no cheese cream sweets etc you name it! thats interesting you mention the lactose thing, i swear i am intolerant to milk and cheese (dairy) however i think its the milk proteins not the fat of which i cant to
  22. Hey jack, Yeah i have tried differin, although i wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy lol. I was prescribed it by my derm in the gel and cream form and used it 3 times a week as suggested but i soon stopped it forever. The reason i wouldn't suggest it is because 1) although i can reduce acne it is only temporary 2) it actually slows the healing process of PIH redness 3) it destroys the good bacteria and acid mantle which your skin needs to prevent acne 4) it ages skin faster and 5) it makes
  23. Hmm i can see why you would say that about the Gel, however my doctor said its the same ingredient its just the consistency that (pardon the pun) 'differs' lol. He said that girls tend to get on with the cream more than the gel and guys get on with gel... maybe to do with make up or something. Yeah Accutane has got serious side effects, but at what point do you give up and just want to live your life with 'normal' skin.. Well, yes i believe* its hormone related it all stacks up. So yea
  24. hi paul, basically its a retinoid. it helps the cell to 'turn over' correctly and function as it should, not trapping oil under the skin in the plug. over time 6 months plus the skin will be soft, glowing and acne free etc - it takes time and most people have an IB.. so yeah i may give it a try. i like the idea of the skin healing itself, but why at 26 years old would i still break out? i am 100% sure its hormone related for me.. everytime i have sex or work out hard for a few days in th
  25. hey, i feel your pain. i've picked for best part of 5 years... ive got about 6 small indents from doing it. i think the only way they will ever be smooth is by something like fraxel or dermapen. either way i still pick :/ which is madness. but me, like you, NEEDS to stop. enough is enough i'll join you on this if you fancy it. support each other. let me know. tomorrow Tuesday 18th feb will be day 1 for me. today i picked/popped/squeezed about 4