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  1. Thank you Josh. Hello people. Week 2 update: 9:03:2014 I have been rather random with my differin application this week, applying it every night then breaks and then not for the past two nights (due to staying around my girlfriends place). I can say that, the acne has got noticeably worse especially on my forehead around the eyebrow, T-zone area and upper left and right temples.. not sure what that means but i can only guess the Differin is purging existing micro spots and future
  2. so your acne was hormonal. and stopping masturbation solved it for you.
  3. he isn't posting any pictures (if you class that as results?) until june I will go through with using differin etc and see how i go, if i come to the end of that and its still awful then i shall dive into this. I will do everything before accutane. i do believe a 'diet' will work. the problem is what diet works for you, like that girl mentioned doing some that made it worse, and that salt breaks her out... for others this may not be true. but i fully back the notion that everything revol
  4. Today will bet week 2 ! Time flies huh. SV good idea I'd stick with it too tbh. How long did it take until your white heads stopped coming up ? I seem to be getting then like crazy on my forehead it's super depressing. Some are just small red lumps/bumps that don't have a head! Whyyy
  5. maybe switch to gel version SV? or move to 0.3%?
  6. oats, whey, peanut butter, prob a great gainer. just get a blender!
  7. i agree. so how do you stop hyperkeratinisation? this is the problem i have, dry skin that gets clogged up / white heads, black heads etc
  8. kool. no man, not yet, its still breaking out. Its still purging all the shit out.. Its getting smoother, etc but its horrible seeing the spots come up. Like its how it works i guess, my forehead in places looked clear before but is now spotty i.e temple area. but again, its just bringing it all out. some are white heads, some are the hard rice grain type sebum particles. might start using the diff every night now :?
  9. yeah the serum SV, its amazing. with regards to putting the lotion on after diff, yes you can do that. but some people do it the other way around to make it act as a buffer, least in initial stages
  10. oh i see, my father had it, but he never picked his skin. yes you can put lotion on before hand, or put it on without and then 10 mins later wash it off. I personally put on moisturiser then apply it and leave it on over night
  11. yeah SV, the problem is... its a lot of slight damage, so its not Bleedingly obvious scarring, but from range it does look blotchy and patchy, and then when you focus up close on a blotch, its because of the minor surface damage i do wonder if it will get better. if not i really dont know what i'll do.
  12. why would she do that thechase? end of the day, its science and it must work. From reading and looking into various peoples blogs, it looks like it does a great job, and often users go onto retin A and see further results. end of the day nothing product wise nor drug pill wise will stop oil production other than roaccutane. thanks for the reply SV. I think my skin is clearing up better now, however i do notice when up close in the mirror etc that its damaged from the skin picking, sha
  13. SV - when you got white heads coming up, did you pop them? or just leave them on the skin? ive got PIH from the spots that have come up, some were gently removed, and the others i used a warm compress to release the content. Either way they have all left PIH. so now i am thinking screw it and anything else that comes up will just be left well alone. I know you shouldn't interfere with them but god its so hard. this huge one on my cheek had been brewing all week, it finally came out tod
  14. Hello. week 1 update: 28:02:2014 Differin has been applied every other night, tonight is another rest day. Since starting I have had 2 large spots come up, one on the forehead which became huge and thus came out very easily with a warm cloth/compress. That area is now a PIH that will take time to fade. The other large spot came up about 3 days ago, it began as a red patch and I just knew it was trouble. Its a rather large itchy pustule. and is sat right on my cheek, face profi
  15. goood advice that last line. it becomes hard work checking your face everyday! granted i didnt cave man as long as you did, but when i tried it for 3 days i noticed my skin became incredibly congested. my skin has problems with keratinisation whereby the outer layer hardens quickly and stops oil getting out, thus causing spots if i don't use a regime. do you have photos of before and after, i'd like to see
  16. hey, you could benefit from a regime bud. something like a gentle cleanser, oil free moisturiser and spf. it will help a lot or at least should do, apply differin in the pm after the moisturiser and go to bed. dry skin will cause the skin to produce more oils
  17. h yeah i get what you mean, i sometimes get those its a rare occasion, most of the time before you would have to squeeze to get them out. What Im feeling depressed about/ concerned about is the red marks and sort of minor surface skin damage. when i stretch the skin with my tongue and look super close at the skin, you can see that its not all the same texture and that it has scars (as in scars that are red marks) - i wonder if these will ever go away it effects me in a big way because i keep
  18. no this is true, its what the derm said when she said it would be good to take them with it. she said by the time you come off them (3-months time) the differin will be working well, so you shouldn't break out by that point in time. i am scared as shit to take them though, i sort of promised myself i'd never take them again for spots when i stopped them last time all those years ago- but at that time i wasnt using prescription retinoids
  19. Hey SV I love hearing from you. it keeps me calm haha! that sounds great, really sounds like your skin is calm and purging the hard grains whilst not giving you white heads, did you get white heads in the first week? how did you deal with them? and how do you pull out a seed lol I haven't taken the anti-biotics although i am tempted... i think i want to see how it goes for a couple of weeks :? not sure if thats wise or? i bet the time flies doesnt it? it will be a whole week 1 for
  20. hmm ok, well my face clogs up so easily so i am using a sort of water moisturiser, its actually amazing! 2-3 drops covers the entire face lol! never heard anything like it. SV how you getting on? Update of my face, its odd how spots come up, then go away.. very strange. The most annoying thing is a big spot that has come up on my left cheek. its in the center of my face when you look at me profile on.. great! i can almost feel it there! does anyone else feel this way about spots,
  21. vaseline breaks me out its too thick. however it does reduce redness, massively
  22. Yes man, if you are using retinoids you don't want to go crazy on the AHA trust me! 2-3 times max! and do it on on the opposite time you apply the retinoid i,e if applying retinoid at night (which is standard) then you'd want to use the AHA in the morning - two at the same time would probably be a little too intense. but see how you go, it could work well!
  23. hmm what is this cerave stuff? everyone always mentions it! SV I am going to start using the Tetralysal anti biotics tomorrow evening - want to reduce the amount of flare ups as possible, what do you think?
  24. hey guys. so since doing differin for 2 days... ive had about 6 clogged pores come out, and about 10 white heads crop up!! hahah! wow. got the twins on my cheek today, i MUCH prefer having them actually come out though instead of staying under the skin and you know they are just going to take their sweet ass time to go. will shower later and hope the warm water helps them along the way.. or i may give it the old hot compress trick
  25. hmm well give it a shot? tbh its your face we are talking about, you only get one! maybe try and borrow some money off someone? parents? friends? it will be worth it dont you think?