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  1. as title really, i keep getting hard strings of sebum coming out of my pores if i squeeze them.. like on my cheeks i will see a very small bump on a hair folicle (beard hair) and if i squeeze it out its fairly solid stuff that comes out!!>?! sometimes has a hair in the middle of it. once removed it will leave a redish mark behind for about 3-4 days from where i applied the pressure but at least its "out" I do get congested skin and its so annoying, cause i also have dry skin not oily.. th
  2. aw man haha feel for you bro. i had like 3 on my cheek probably more, i squeezed them all out and it wasnt attractive, of course i had a date on that DAY! so i got my sister who is a beautician to conceal them, you couldnt even see them or the make up. thanks sis hehe
  3. oh really? you must read these forums to much then cause iv'e never seen it before. sorry, watch something else
  4. see i dont touch my face ever.. only after ive washed my hands completely. im scared to spread bacteria or oils from my fingers into the skin. i have moved my small mirror away from the light, and next week i have a free house, so i can avoid mirrors, cover them up etc. but yeh its hard. i hate seeing raised bits or small red spots coming through. hate hate hate it when will it end
  5. yeah thanks guys (: glad this can be shared, im just passing it on. hope everyone is well
  6. I know it cant make your own problems disappear but might give a bit of insight if you feel down
  7. http://www.celebacne.com/2010/01/megan-fox-acne.html
  8. Yes, I've heard that that is a good thing! I've been meaning to pick some up. Do you get any special kind or do you just use the plain stuff in the little pot? Ohh, it takes out the redness? Then I really need to get that! yeah normal tub is fine, it takes the redness out because it covers it well, it will look shiny but least it heals it quick and stops it going dry and flaking. I normally use it for a few days then dont apply any and let nature take over
  9. i like the idea of saying to yourself "i wont pick today" maybe tomorrow (but not actually doing it) i have resisted to pick a small white head on my neck tonight. i hope it goes away quick by its own means. I just want all this mess to heal! it looks so bad in the wrong lighting. I hope if i can go 2 weeks then i can go 4 then 6 etc. i normally do well then when i get stressed i look at the smallest imperfections, get my tweezers and then it goes down hill, i start doing it everyday. i also
  10. tell you what is good. vaseline. i picked a spot burried under my eyebrow, whole patch of skin came off. and with applying a thick coat of vaseline it has healed or is healing nicely, it also takes out the redness try it
  11. hey people. please can i get some help with this. basically i am clear but on my upper cheeks i have reddened skin and i think its to do with small hairs and blocked follicles. either way i have tried exfoliating and moisturising etc but it just seems as though these are deep but really small. so although they are not huge pimples they are just tiny and lots of them, giving a red look which i dont want. it gets worse when i have a hot/warm shower etc. they come up more. when im cooled down
  12. Hey people, It has been a while since I started a thread on these boards, mainly because I am now happy with my achievements and goals, yes i still get spots but everybody does and so you must learn to live and deal with them accordingly. everybody is different so please dont be hard on yourself. The reason I am writing this is so that it may help with some people and they to can try and adopt some of my advice etc, i guess most is common sense but at least you will see "less can be more" as i
  13. paula's choice hydrating cream, for dry to normal. works great its the first moisturiser that works for my skin, it actually heals it and helps the hairs to grow through without getting plugged. just now dealing with a picking frenzey that was brought on by a lot of small alcohol spots
  14. thanks again. well i have 3 weeks off now. and i'd like to nail my nutrition i.e when and what i should be eating, what sort of supplements to buy and when to take them please could somebody help me out, i want to eat 6 times a day and do it all properly. ive been sooo tempted to go for pro hormones but i really must go for it properly with diet first before i have to go that road. maybe someone with good experience could help me out. ive asked before in posts but i cant remember where the
  15. how often should you perform compound work outs a week? like dead lifting pull ups chin ups squats etc
  16. Ah ok, thanks for that. i have a great diet plan planned starting soon. going to do compound lifts. zinc is in a lot of things and i take a protein weight gain with creatine for strength . next couple months should be interesting
  17. hey people. well I have since decided to go agaisnt steriods or prohormones to help my body building however i am now thinking about taking a natural testosterone booster from somewhere like holland and barrett (one that uses herbs etc to naturally increase it) would this cause spots? hair loss? hair growth? they say testosterone makes your voice deeper and beard hair to grow. how will it effect skin or will it at all?
  18. lets get sum pictures of this folliculitus pllleaase
  19. hey not yet, still at work :( will be on later though. so will add ya x

    1. just a thought, do you think that a lot of us here have BDD (body dismorphic disorder?) cause i for one will go into a panic if i see a small spot appearing and spend a lot of time in the mirror monitoring its condition etc. I pick and try and alter my appereance so that it "dosnt look so bad" yet it always ends up worse or makes me want to go that little bit further.. not sure where im going with this but im kinda worried that in fact im making this alot worse than it has to be if i may have
    2. using all these topicals ruines the texture of my skin though, which is why id rather have a few spots and nice texture even skin tone, than clear but dull blotchy red dry skin etc i just feel that you need to allow the body to heal itself. i will be getting sun sea and sand very soon so i am hopeful that this will help. and stress level's will drop to i do still think about a low dose of accutane, so it would stop this small ones that come through and always tempt me to pick or squeeze them!
    3. no no i am not using diff. i prefer to leave my skin to its own devices
    4. hey lily, just found this post, and it got me a little upset that its making you feel this way. rb3 is right and i am so glad someone put positive input into this thread. It would be nice to reverse time but sadly it cannot be done. and just think how lucky you are to even be born, and to be healthy! Like I have a pinky scar on my cheek where i squeeze something that wasnt even there just out of frustration! now im wondering how long i will have this for i think you should just live for the
    5. hey lily yeah well that would make sense but this is my skin we are talking about lol (logic goes out the window) cause I reckon it would make it more flaky cause it would dry it out, which is why i have avoided a mechanical bead scrub etc. and because i literally cant use any moisturiser that wont give me spots i cant aford to dry it out. good note, i am off to the coast soon so natural salt water will do the trick! cant wait x