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  1. hey how are you getting on, seems we have one horrible thing in common, we both pick our faces lol ! be great to chat to you..

    1. hitea


      Yeah! Picking is worst! It really is...I'm not sure why it's such a compulsion :( yick!

    2. .JacktheLad.


      I think it comes from the subconscious, meaning we think we have little control but in actual fact our subconscious mind tricks us into thinking that we NEED to spend our time thinking about it.. I read a good article on it once, and the best thing I took from it was that perfection isnt real. it doesnt exist.

      have a quick flick if your interested (this took me ages to find, i had to trawl through days of internet history lol)


    3. .JacktheLad.
  2. hey not yet, still at work :( will be on later though. so will add ya x

    1. graduating I wish!! no no, moving onto uni :D cannt wait!!! ahh this year is going to be so good for me. Yeah most do go on from 6th form here, which is when you are 16, i went straight to college instead of doing higher (so i could get higher in engineering as apposed to maths history art etc), then went into working full time, moved away wiv my ex etc. Yeah working ft sux lol

      1. I got my dentist soon! eeeeek. checked ur pm's yet? :S

        1. good luck at the doctor today

          1. glad i make ya smile :).

            so.. where am i taking you then gawjus lol! was going to reply in the thread with a blushing smiley but might get wrists slapped for breaking somekind of forum rule. x

            1. yeah thats pretty bad tbh. well im 22, ive not graduated though. Planning to go to a university this year. yeehaaa :P then onto bigger better things. working is good for a while, money is good to have but it drags so badly x

              1. :( Ive not heard bout that, pretty sad though all those animals! ft is full time i just shortened it :P. yeh i changed my name cuss it sucked to. i will message u how to do it x
                1. haha! oh no, yes your right :) i must have been hungover still from last weekend. my word!!! :( so envious your in australia! unfair. bet its amazing over there

                  1. Ha! yeah there good fun, spec when someone cooks all the food and you just have to tuk in! -20? where do you live! mental! lol. whats happnin on the rollercoaster then?

                    I work ft in engineering atm. bout u?

                    1. haha what do you mean, ive never been good at riddles :P

                      1. pahaha u minx! sounds messy, had a good week/e? ive had so many BBQ's its unreal. work tomorra :( sigh

                        1. how do u mean lol! yeh im a busy boy tbh had a manic weekend, been good though. never drinking again (till next week lol)

                          1. hey thanks for the comment. and yeh i would date a girl with spots on her back. it really dosnt bother me in the slightest!