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  1. You're quite pretty.

  2. I'm not sure who that is but it was mainly Ringo Starr and featured a bunch of other guys who were awesome at a vineyard

  3. Cool, really? Was it a Schulz concert?

  4. I saw someone who looked just like you at a concert!

  5. Oh I know the feeling:( just keep in mind it'll get worse before it can get better. My doc. won't allow me on accutane so I'm using retin-A and it's bringing up whatever was hiding deep in my skin + my face is pretty scaly for now, but it's working. You still have time to see results don't give up!
  6. So I was pretty chill my senior project was due next week on the 12th but I'm now told it's tomorrow and I'm absolutely NOT prepared. I can handle the fact I don't have a powerpoint/slideshow yet but what I'm scared of is talking for 15 minutes with everyone looking at me. my voice gets so shakey and I forget everything when I'm in front of a huge group of people and of course I'm breaking out again prolly due to all this stress! ugh...I don't know how tomorrow is going to be.. OH best part th
  7. I was there for about 3 days, but that was plenty lol. I'm starting to miss my free time now. Anyway, what's up?

  8. aw I like that:)

    oh no how long were you in Finland for? and yeeeah homework blows goodbye 4day weekend

  9. I sing bass, lol. I am jetlagged... and swamped with schoolwork. And thanks! You're interesting too =P.

  10. ohhh Finland? that's awesome! I hope you don't have jetlag or anything xD and whaaat you play bass? you get more and more interesting treefase93!

  11. 'Twas good. Spent it in Finland actually! Pretty much the same stuff though. I've never been much for karaoke myself. I do bass and that's it lol

  12. well, do you go to a school of any kind? sometimes you could smile to strangers you see on a regular basis, or start up a chat with someone at a book store, there's a lot of possibilities but the thing is it's easier said than done for certain people to just...start up a conversation I know btw congrats on your 6 months!!
  13. my Thanksgiving was a blasty blast! karaoke with the fam tons of foood8) how about yours?

    and thankya thankya~

  14. Sopeh! lol

    How was your Thanksgiving?

    And I like your new avvy. =D