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  1. i also had a lot of nosebleeds, maybe 2-3 times a week.. and i also woke up to blood all over my sheets once.. even blowing my nose caused nosebleeds for me so i think u should leave your nose alone if possible because the slightest irritation could reopen the blood wound scab in your nose .. im thinking you just have a sore throat unrelated to the medicine.. i was sick the last couple of weeks of my treatment and i pretty much lost my voice for a week..
  2. thanks for the responses guys.. just a quick update, its been a month and a half post accutane for me.. i find myself oily on some days and drier/manageable on other days.. im getting some pimples but they are very small again and go away pretty quick.. its getting hotter here in the new york so i think thats affecting the oil levels a little bit..
  3. Yeah i was depressed as well but like others i didnt dare tell my derm so i can continue the accutane.. my depression was because of my acne though and nothing else.. my face looked that bad.. i think a lot of people get depressed on the medicine but at the same i think a lot of the depression comes from just having bad acne..
  4. i would say at the 12 week mark so end of 3rd month i basically wasnt getting any pimples.. maybe a small one here and there that would go away in a day
  5. Just finished my 5 month course.. and its been 1 month post accutane and im starting to get really oily again.. my forehead, nose and my scalp more specifically ... does this i mean im going to get acne again.. i feel likes its inevitable
  6. Well for me, (and im sure a lot of other people) the potential benefits outweigh the possible side effects.. Acne has changed my life, it has stopped me from doing simple things like going out with friends, or applying for jobs.. its the first thingI think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night.. Acne controls my life, everything i do, and i hate to let it affect me the way it has for the last 5 years but accutane is the closest thing to a cure so Im not even worried abou
  7. I've had marks since mid August of 09 so it's been almost 5 months and counting.. and the marks arent getting any lighter..
  8. I've been using Covergirl trublend foundation with everyday minerals powder concealer... it looks great under my home light (dark yellowish light) but under natural outside light my marks look pinkish, cakey, and messy! Ive tried the revlon colorstay concealer before but i couldnt quite find the right shade to match my skin.. maybe i need to get some new products all together... why is it so hard to find the perfect concealer/foundation
  9. Is it really possible to cover marks completely and not have people notice I have acne? I find it so hard to cover my marks up, every concealer i've tried covers up my red/brown marks only in bad light but it looks horrible in outside light and brighter lights... Is it really possible to cover up marks perfectly and have it look flawless in bad and good light?
  10. hey your skin looks great, i wish i had your skin lol just a few questions, so it took 7 months for your marks to go away? from april - november? how many times did you apply bp a day? and what exactly does dans aha do?
  11. A month ago i only had a couple acne spots on my face, but i went to my doctor and she prescribed me Benzacymin Pak anyway to try to get rid of the few spots i had. Well ive been using the medication for about 3 weeks now and my skin has completely broken out all over. I'm getting acne in places that i never gotten them before. I went from maybe 6-7 pimples on my face to about 30 lesions on my face. I know they say it gets worse before it gets better but im not sure about it this time. Shou
  12. hey do you guys air dry or pat dry after cleansing your face? ive been using paper napkins as i dont know if its causing my sudden breakouts. im thinking about air drying, what do you guys do?