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  1. ccharlii

    Weeks 2 and a day.

    I'm a 16 year old girl, and have had a acne for about a year and a half now, and about two weeks ago I finally decided to go the the doc's. My acne is pretty bad; on my nose, I have HUGE pores, and my cheeks are completely red and covered with deep, painful spots. I have a bit of scarring. On my chin, I have these weird little white bumps, not white heads, but like, tiny bumps which don't bother me much, but still, it'd be nice to get rid of them. Aaaand I don't have much on my forehead, just
  2. I have kind of the same, but my face isnt extremely sensitive but harsh chemicals etc, make it really sore, red and sometimes dry. Nowadays, I use a range of product by a brand called ENVIRON, but it's kinda expensive and quite exclusive; only selected places sell it. Anyways, if you want you can try it, its got tea tree oil (australian) in the toner and cleanser that i use and on the package it ways "no fragrance used during manufacturing" so i guess thats a good thing haha (: oh and it contain
  3. ccharlii

    Jojoba + Tea Tree Oil

    It'll probably work, apparently oily skin can get less oily by gently rubbing some oils (not sure which) to it, but they're supposed to be natural and antiflammatory or whatever for it to work, or so i'm told (:
  4. ccharlii

    I have really severe acne and want HELP!

    Hej (: Jag har helt samma sak; ja får finnar fast ja skulle motionera massor och min hyd käns torr och inte så fettig. Jag har hört att typ alla "vita" mater är dåliga för dej; t.ex. socker, vitt bröd, ris, pasta etc, men ja vet inte om det är sannt. Och jag har ocskå hört att man får finnar när man är stressad, så jag började yoga hemma allti nu och då, och jag tycker att det har hjälp kanske lite (: Alltid varje 3-4 veckor far jag till en kosmetolog som gör nån "treatment" (jag bor i england