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  1. I'm just using the cleanser and hydrating care moisturiser- they're pretty expensive (the moisturiser in particular considering the size of the container) but if you have relatively oily skin and are willing to give it a month or so (took around that length of time for me to see real results anyhoo) then I'd definitely give it a shot! There's a few other bits in the range like a toner and what have you but I don't really bother with 'em. If you do go for these try not to use more than a single
  2. Raved about this on another thread! I love the stuff
  3. Well a month on and no replies- but I thought I'd update anyhoo My skin has remained (for the most part atleast) clear. I do still get the odd tiny whitehead (at the time of writing I have two) but in comparison to when I was using cetaphil, where I had dozens on each cheek, it's a massive improvement. The moisturiser does seem to run out relatively quickly (finished it in about 3-4 weeks), especially considering the price but overall I'm more than happy to pay it! I've also stopped using AHA+
  4. Should start off by saying that I am not on the regimen; but this seemed like the best place to post this! I had moderately severe acne for around 3 years, but managed to get it more or less under control for the last year. Having said this, I still got numerous tiny whiteheads on my cheeks. I tried changing a few bits (drinking less, exercising more and less (one way to relieve stress, the other so I don't sweat as much) and altering my diet)- but nothing seemed to work. Long and short of it,
  5. Definitely get a beard trimmer! Far less irritation, and I personally like not having to shave every day! Consider growing some facial hair too- good for covering up some acne prone areas (coincidentally I ONLY get acne on my cheeks, never get a spot anywhere else on my face, so kinda useful!) I've tried not shaving/trimming at all for a few weeks but didn't help and my beard looked like a bit of a joke
  6. Invest in a trimmer! Trimmers irritate my skin far far less. I'm lucky/unfortunate enough to not have to shave too often, but when I did it really pissed my acne off! So yeah, invest in a decent trimmer and trim everyday or two- that way it'll irritate your skin less and the stubble shouldn't look weird!
  7. seeing as you've tried so many things and your acne is so persistent I'd be very surprised if you didn't get prescribed accutane. The strength (IE mg/day or however you want to calculate it) is generally relative to the body weight and not to the severity of acne- a complete stab in the dark I'd assume you weighed between 70 and 80kg, so the maximum dose you'd be put on would most likely be 80mg; however, I personally believe a lower dose (for example, 20-40mg) over a longer period of time (IE 6
  8. well, i flirted with makeup very briefly. The main reason I stopped was just the amount of time and effort it took to wear, and the constant worry that someone would notice (a few friends did but were nice about it). I now wear tinted moistruiser if I'm going 'out out' (IE a night out) and this helps my confidence but is far lighter than makeup. In terms of getting psyched up, it really takes time; I remember the first time i went out without makeup on (even though I'd only worn it for 4-5 month
  9. Hey I came off accutane around a month a go and have somewhat had a relapse in my acne symptoms (albeit at about 5% of how it was). I considered and then started to take vitamin A for a week at 24,000 IU a day. Ultimately after a lot of reading it seems that accutane is a FAR better option than vitamin A; (the following numbers I'm gonna give you are completely made up and probably not remotely close to the truth BUT(!)) you'd need to take a LOT of vitamin A to have remotely close to the same
  10. posted the exact same thing a few moments ago! Could be a good idea to go on a lower dose for a long(ish) period (ie 7 months) in order to avoid serious side effects. Your acne is more or less the same as mine was before I started accutane, and I was taking between 30mg and 60mg; having said that, 20mg should be fine for you as long as you're patient Good luck if you choose to take it!
  11. If you do choose to go on accutane, I'd suggest going on a lower dose for a longer period of time- for example, 20mg for 8 months or 40mg for 7 months or whatever you feel is best. There's a few studies floating around (guess they'll be google attainable!) that state that long term low dose are just as effective as higher dose treatments in the shorter term but with fewer side effects. Having said that, these long term and low dose treatments were something like 5mg a week for two years... but y
    * Contains a mild percentage (2%) of Lactic Acid! Helps control break outs and clear light scarring! * Very light feeling * For me didn't look oily/shiny at all! * Not moisturising enough if you have dry skin Reviewed the cleanser a second a go and though I'd do this at the same time. It's strange; it moisturises but not very much! To me it seems more of a lightweight spot treatment. It's readily available under the Eucerin Dermo Purifyer range.
    * Cleanses very well * Has a relatively nice scent (despite being fragrance free! Guess it might be a bi-product of the citric acid :D) * Lathers very well * Nice packaging * Easy to get hold of in the UK * A bit drying! This is a review of the Eucerin Dermo Purifyer cleanser; the person below said it was the same formula, so heyho! :) It's available readily in the UK and most other countries I'd of thought!
  12. Thanks for the replies @ Siava I will deffo ask my doc about it I did try a retinoid prior to accutane but by that time i was so eager to get on to accutane that I didn't really give it a chance (around 4 weeks or so in I gave up). It's more about prevention than maintenance- but nonetheless retinoids seem a good option @ Keratin_17 I'm still not entirely convinced that my diet is responsible! I'm open minded to new ideas and what have you, but I've improved my diet drastically since my tee