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  1. Well I mean you pretty much covered every single one I know. I assume you don't like condoms?
  2. Foliculitis is an infection of the hair folicle which is pretty similar to acne so you could technically call acne a type of foliculitis. I guess it is considered acne when the pores get clogged and is classically associated to the p. acnes bacteria(whoch is normally found on skin but causes inflammation when the pore gets clogged), while foliculitis is an infection with another pathogen not commonly found on skin which causes inflammation regardless of the pore being clogged or not. So I
  3. Continue isoretinoin unless you experience any bad side effect from it. It takes time for acne to calm down. You should try and do other things that have been found to calm the inflammation. Stop drinking skim milk and things with added B vitamins. Try not to get a lot sun and try not to let your sweat sit on your face for a long time. Use a soap that is not comedogenic (as in that it doesn't clog your pores). At night after you clean your face and dry it, apply a thin layer of benzoyl peroxide
  4. I went through that from 6th to 12th grade. Nowdays there are youtube videos on how to deal with things like this or testimonies from other ppl, try to watch one everyday so you internalize them. I used to read these forums because back then there wasn't much on youtube of that sort and it was annoying ppl telling me to clean my face and not eat junk food. Basically anything you can draw inspiration from like a tv series or books, can also help you. About being out in public with acne when
  5. First, very good approach with your diet changes and the supplements you mentioned. Fish oil may worsen acne for some people so be attentive to that. Also try not to eat foods that have B12 and B6 added. Most importantly don't stop what you are doing as it takes time for our bodies to settle down from the inflammation. You say retin-A helped you but you don't want to go through the "purge" again, if by purge you mean the acne worsened, that may not happen again. In my case only the first time
  6. That is why I never suspected it. My diet has more omega 6 than 3. I was taught the believed mechanism for it's antiinflammatory effect in class. It has to do with the prostacyclin and thromboxane ratio in our vascular endothelium, so maybe I have an already high prostacyclin level. I remember when I donated blood (while taking the fish oil) it was 0less viscous than other people's. But to be honest pharmacology doesn't follow logic a lot of the time and it usually has a lot of factors like
  7. I agree with everything you posted, I actually never went to a bar or any scene or anything, I just did "day game" at the mall, in my university campus and or any place really during my daily living like the bus or library. When I said natural game, I meant that the person improvises using what's around him, with what the other person says, etc. And I agree, the point is to be yourself without the unescessary awkward stuff that usually comes when someone hasn't had the social exposure other peo
  8. Ok, it is not to your liking, it does not mean it is bad. Next time maybe post something constructive. EDIT: What I posted are tools to deal with what society has done. They may seem misogynistic and radical at first, but not in our case, they are very powerful self-help tools.The "get laid" part was just a comment. I didn't mean it as if that's the goal of the process, it's just the motivation, the true reward is to be able to place value within yourself subconsciously among other t
  9. I edited this post because maybe my advice was too specific and personal, but I still consider it solid. For recovering from social anxeity the PUA community is an excellent alternative you may want to look into. A good intro is watching VH1's The Pick Up Artist Season 1.
  10. I don't kbow if this os against forum rules, but it is this one http://cdn1.viewpoints.com/pro-product-photos/000/382/072/300/1317155546-324804_full.jpg I only took one pill a day. But I have been doing so for about 6 years and when I started I didn't notice my acne getting worse, maybe it was an accumulated effect or my skin changed.
  11. I just wanted to post this here since I read this forums almost everyday a couple years ago, when I was experimenting and trying to find how to control my acne, so I wanted to post this for other people. I had been taking omega 3 from the vitamin world brand since I was 17 and I am now 24, after my uncle said it caused him to have some abscess like nodules around his face I decided to stop taking it to see if it would help my acne which was under control but I still got the occasional pimple e
  12. That was my first acne too in elementary school I used the biore strips, the mint julep mask and they didn't work either (but the mask made my nose very soft ) I used a scrub made them less noticeable I was using it every other day but made my nose irritated because of the biore strips I had used so I stopped. During this time I was using Differin 0.1% but I was using it every other day because I was trying to make it last till my next derm appointment. After using Epiduo(benzoyl peroxide an
  13. I got a big blackhead in teh concha and I tried to remove it with my nails it was the only way I could and it just bled everytime I tried, I don't remember if it went away or if I removed it but it lasted 1 or 2 months. It was just one. And I used to get pimples in my lobules but not anymore.
  14. If you're a guy and shave I think you can get ingrown hairs if you use that I have like 4 in my right armpit and had around 3 before that but not sure if it's the deodorant or simply me because Ive gotten ingrown hairs in different places and my left armpit has none. I mean around the neck where you can cshave against the follicle
  15. @Nadzu When I was 12 I told my dermatologist I began taking multivitamins and she told me not to drink multivitamins because they would increase my acne because I was young. And I am 18 and have been taking regular centrum multivitamin for a year and half and I have noticed no increase in acne. However I began drinking centrum for teens the one with a blue box and my acne got worse so I stopped. Now I just drink one for my face with a lot of Vitamin A and zinc and other stuff because my hair