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  1. Thanks. I should add I never pick or pop them.
  2. Sorry for the bad pictures, I didn't have a decent camera with me, but I hope you can see alright. Ok some background: I'm 22 years old. Had little to no acne throughout my teens. I just checked my join date on this forum because I figured that I probably would have joined around the time that I noticed my acne getting worse. I guessed three years and I was right. So I was 19 when what I would term acne appeared on me. Before then I remember a few cases in my teens of having one bad spot a
  3. Doctors aren't idiots. They go to school for five years, or more so they can treat illness and save lives. Medical students work harder than pretty much any other student for good reason. Acne isn't understood, or if it is it's constantly clouded because acne medication is a multi-billion dollar business and any cure would lessen those profits. It's not understood by doctors, but that doesn't make them idiots. And I'd rather trust a doctor than some anonymous user on an internet forum with no pr
  4. Hi, I was just wondering if there are any videos or images of acne dissections out there, particularly ones of under skin/cystic acne with no head. I have a few friends who do medicine and they have to dissect cadavers regularly, I know the first thing I'd do if I had one would be to find a huge zit and dissect it. All I can find at present are those cartoonish cross section pictures that are all over the internet. If anyone could help me that would be great.
  5. There probably is a cure out there but the acne treatment industry is a multi-billion dollar one. I buy creams and washes every month that have a reasonable effect at best. I keep pumping money in to the machine because I have a job and I don't know what the alternative would be. I don't have six months to hide away and stop washing my face with acne washes and see what would happen without so I keep buying. If companies are making billions every year off creams, medicines etc that people nee
  6. Indians and Native Americans aren't the same thing.
  7. Hi, I'm a 20 year old male in the UK. I've recently been on a product buying binge in a bid to clear up my mild, but noticeable due to my pale complexion, acne, as well as attempting to eat a fat and sugar free diet and taking vitamin supplements. I recently began to break out more than usual after being relatively clear for a few months. I purchased some Pine Tar and some Sulfur soap off amazon, both of which have had varying results. The Pine Tar seems good at clearing up my existing spot
  8. I use Grandpa's Thylox Sulfur Soap. It's available on Amazon for relatively cheap. I used it for a few days until some Pine Tar soap arrived (Which is purported to be better) but the Pine Tar broke me out. I had a few large spots on my forehead from the Pine Tar (Or my moisturiser, I'm not sure) last night, I washed with the Sulfur soap before I went to sleep, and now they're almost gone. The soap seems to reduce inflammation while simultaneously bringing the spot to a head so it can be gotten
  9. I'm interested in hearing how the acne affects your daughter. Does it effect her emotionally? Does it interfere with her day to day life? Is she upset and stressed by it? Also, how old is she?
  10. Your acne is like mine but slightly better. Although I'm 20 now and I didn't have acne at your age. It looks like typical teen acne and I bet some people would argue that that isn't even acne at all. I'm willing to bet that all you need to do is stop picking and popping and they'll go away. Popping them makes them spread, every time I pop one I get a couple more in the surrounding area. Popping them also increases inflammation. If you do absolutely have to pop one, when the whitehead is so pro
  11. This isn't true. Firstly as adults, or young adults, you need much more water than you did when you were a kid. You should be aiming for 2.5 litres a day, and more if you can. If you're losing it through exercise or in the hot summer months then you can drink more, I'd say 4 litres a day is a nice safe amount though. Stagger it though, if you drink too much at once you will have problems. People constantly say that you don't need 2.5 litres, because you get water from food. But when doctor
  12. That diet just isn't good regardless of acne. Eat more vegetables. In fact, fruit and vegetables should be the majority of what you eat. Cut down on bread, pastries and junk foods. They're designed to supplement a diet, when you want a little something sweet as extra not as an entire diet. Ideally, we'd live in a junk food free world. Personally, I avoid red meat and hardly ever eat white meat or fish either. I'd be willing to bet that your acne clears up a little when you improve your diet. S
  13. That sounds delicious. If you're going to do anything with lemons, squeeze half of a fresh one in to a glass of warm water as soon as you get up and about thirty minutes to an hour before you eat anything. It's really beneficial to your digestive and immune system. If you can't handle the sourness (It's not really that sour anyway) put a bit of thin, water soluble honey in there too. It may or may not help with acne (My guess is that it does, after I started doing it and using some other produ
  14. E is usually an overlooked one, it's really good for your skin, nails and hair. And D if you live in an area with little sun/in the winter.