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  1. I went to see doc yesterday. and he switched my last beta acid peeling+blu-light treatment to IPL (will have the IPL next week). since now i'm more concern on the hyperpigmentation. i do get new breakouts, which are small and red with no heads. Thinking to use Neostrata product for that. What do you guys think? I'm kind of desperate since no improvement in testing everything: Antibioctic, BP, Differin, BCP, acid peeling, blu light.
  2. Hi, i'm 28 years old. my wedding will be in this coming october which have only 6 weeks left. at first, I was suffering from irritation from salon facial (once in 2 weeks since february). i got LOTS of whiteheads and clog pores (alot more oily skin plus lots of invisible bumps, no scar no acne) I stopped doing facial in july and went to dermalogist. I took minocycline antibiotics for a month+differin gel 3%+dual light treatment (blu-light)+Beta acid peeling (once a week). and nothing is improvin