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  1. Organic Turnmeric with Plain Yogurt will help mix it well and apply it to you face
  2. Maybe I should reword what i meant even though you guys knew I was trying to say. Coming off as a ignorant douchebag will not solve anything. That is the reason why there was even a need for Science Revolution in the 16 and 17th century. Too many messing with natural selection.I know all about the Scientific Method. I don't classify common sense or obvious conclusion but good judgements and practical knowledge. I will repeat myself so Wolfstone can comprehend. I am no genius or scholar but some
  3. In the end, we can all agree that Acne sucks. To actually finally find a cure, there needs to be a big group of people that band together and compile things that may seem like it would work against Acne. This Forum I believe should be used more for experiences and if u tried that product a couple time or if u recently got good results from a laser treatment, then feel free to share. Just don't go all Scientific or quoting Scientists on theories because that all it is, theories. We all learn from
  4. Science has flaws, if they were spot on they would have a cure by now but they don't. People are so gullible , stop depending so much on Science to fix this problem. Diet is not the only factor that can cause Acne! It is not the main cause either. I was wish it was true so I can give my future kids the right healthy diet. Acne is so complex :(. What we need to prioritize is to end moderate to severe acne because those stages of Acne is what are obviously causing the most scarring whether treated
  5. Im happy to see of the amount of replies. I thought i would only get one, or none for that matter. The truth always hurts, i'm speaking on experience. There is a point where you just get sick of everything. Having Acne for more than 5 years, and then having to live with the aftermath which is the scar is freaking depressing. Feel free to send me messages so we can chat.
  6. Good points gents! :). Hope is being restored in this forum. I'm not seeking fame or attention, I just want a solution to all of our problems. Esney3, I agree somewhat but i seen people with excellent diet since their toddler years get acne: moderate acne. Acne is essentially man-made, and i say that on a curve because nature has been her for years, but we as human have been destroying it. So you can say that acne can be genetic and environmental but do not quote me on that because it is mere sp
  7. Yes bro, but this is the world we live today. It is the same reason why we are still miles away from reaching our goals, or anyone who has suffered too. We need to really get down to business so we can end acne for good so there won't be any need for special drugs like accutane or dermabrasion. Its simple: Acne=Acne Scars. Although acne scars can be deviated from it's course, Acne cannot because Diet alone will not work magic, there are other factors involved. I'm not going to elaborate more on
  8. It's not about envy or anything, It just I hate when people overreact. I am actually happy for those people that obtain clear skin, just don's go on saying you are or have "suffered"
  9. Yes! That's what I don't comprehend brother. When I see most of the picture in this forum or even in this site for that matter, it is only a a few pimples or marks then and there. There should be priority on people who need help, dermatologists are not always going to have the answer, mainly because most of them never experienced what it truly means to suffer with acne. Don't get me wrong, some probably have had their sudden breakouts in high school or college, but never something so severe wher
  10. Before I give any information on my skin, I would like to know what has happened to this site. I am no site moderator or admin but i'm curious as to why this site has kinda skewed away from combating the source of the problem, rather than just the system. This is kinda of a rant because i'm fed up with people giving false information, like prescribing or cream, or just suggesting a regimen that they have not even tried for themselves. I am speaking about some, but it feels like everyone when you
  11. yes its also true for me. Facelift would do wonders on acne scarring or just fillers, either route you take it will help you tremendously.
  12. Wow brother. This is by far the best answer I seen on this site. I think we might be related Eternalmind. You are right it's all physical mental spiritual and we have keeps our heads up and trust in our lords Jesus. Many will say this is crap because of how acne affected their life in the worst ways but hey nothing we can do and move on and continue a healthy regimen. This picture I took was also a caveman regimen, I have not put anything on face for two month so obviously hormonal acne sporadic
  13. I want to know a few things as I am new to this site. Let me rephrase I joined long time ago but was never active because I didn't see much help or refuge here but reading all these topics about acne scars treatments diet etc caught my interest. Ok back to the topic I want help finding out what type of acne scars i have and how I can treat it. My guess is I have some rolling but can u ladies and gents help. I have a light browning complexion, tannish at birth, am of Peruvian descent and lastly g