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  1. Hi Ladies, I was wondering if anyone is on Flutamide(anti androgen) for acne? I know that it works great on the skin oilyness,hirsutism and hairloss. but I'vent heard anything about acne except for couple of studies comparing Flutamide to spiro. and how effective flutamide is. I'm looking for real life experience as you know most of these research articles are based on 3 to 6 month trials. I'm already experiencing hairloss as I have come off bcps and I know spiro wouldn't be any help in this ar
  2. Hi ladies, I need you help I'm debating on sprio or Androcure(cyproterone acetate). I have severe acne and for many years I was on Accutane .about 9 months a go I started diane 35 but I had to stop it after only one month.I had adverse reaction to the pill. now after six month I had to go back on accutane since I developed cyctic acne thanks to Diane I was happy that finally my acne is getting better but hair started to shed.my derm told me that was because of BCP that I took and it will slow
  3. Hi, I just wanna say good luck,it would be miracle if your acne doesnt come back. specially after stopping yasmin. I would say your acne would come back even worse than before.you would be lucky if you dont get hairloss after stopping it. the problemwith bcp specially yasmin with higher estrogen and anti androgen in it is that your body get use to themsoyou wontmakeany hormones by yourself. once you stop the pill it will take long time for the hormones to go back the way they should be. I dont w
  4. Hi, I know exactly how you feel trust me I've been there.I took 3 courses of accutane in over 10 years each time with great success but after couple of months the acne and oliyness came back. after 3 times of unsucessful tries and really I tried everythingelsfrom bcps to antibiotics to minocylcin nothing works as soon I stopped them.so I kept my slef on maintenance dose 20mg every 2 weeks after my 3red course of acutane.well it worked for me 7 years with nice clear skin. then I realized I was on
  5. forgot to mention do not simple sugar ice cream,cakes,cream,sugar..... this would make your cholesterol to go up. drink 10 glass of water and makesure u take it with food
  6. I'm on third course of accutane right now I'm on 30mg but my Dr want toup mydose to 40 since I'm 50kg.I'm taking milk thistle right now, I never had problem with accutane before soI'm hoping this time wouldbe the same. I'm going for blood test the end of Aug I will let you know how it goes.but as far as I know milk thistle is good. I agree with Siava for now dont do anything,do not drink alcohol or red meat,greasy food or fastfood stay on helthy diet lots of veggie except for those which hig
  7. Oh my I wish I read these message boards before I casue this mess ti myself. I think I'm an expert in Accutane since I have been on it for 10 years....hold on dont freak out I've had acne since 13 ,tried everything and finally was put on accutane 10mg for 6 months it really helped as I had severe acne everywhere my face and body but not cystic at all. however after 1 year the acne came back,went to another Derm and they told me the dosage wasnt enough,put me on 40mg for another 6 months and t
  8. Hi Ladies, Has any of you tired natural remedy in order to regulate your hormones? we have a family friend in France,he is a natrupath, just recenty told me to try a herb called sage (Salvia officinalis) it basically works like BCP ,high in phytoestrogen and can correct the ratio of estrogen to progesterone. I just started Accutane again,I would wait for six months and start the herb to see if it really works. meanwhile does anyone know anything about this herb? thanks
  9. Hey Girl, you can read my other post regaridng Diane 35 . but I would give you s short summary I was on Diane 35 only for a month and I had severe reaction to it.rashes,myentire body was itchy my acne got better the last week on it but at the sametime I brokeout in cystic acen on my back. I stopped after finishing the pack ,gotmy period,right after my period BOOM I had weird symptoms...my acne was completly gone however my skin was extremly dry,the skin on front ofmy neck was pulling and I had
  10. ok so here is my story I have been an acne sufferer for almost 12 years since puberty. Iwas on 2 course of 40mg Accutane for six months and after 1 year the acen came back. so I decided togo on maintenance dose of 20mg evry 3 weeks and it worked wonder.last December I decided to stop it since everybody were so negative about it and keep telling me it is wrong to be on accutane for 10 year. anyway I stopped accutane(be aware that I was feeling fine,no side effect) and was put on BCP first mont
  11. Hi, I had the worse stomach pain ever when I was on Yaz.I couldnt take it after the second packI had to stop the pill. I couldnt eat anything speciall raw veg and fruitseverything had to be cooked I was throwing up crzay every single day ,finished almost 2 pack of Gravol in a month. Iwill never go back on it
  12. hair shedding is usually common with spiro stick to it for 3 months if it doesnt get better thne u r allergic to anti androgen I had the same problem with Yaz which had spiro in it.what ever anti androgen I use I have some allergic reaction and my hair starts to fall out. I even tried natural stuff saw palmetto which is antiandrogen and my hair was shedding alot and seems like no one els had this reaction
  13. I dont think you blood test would come out accurate since you are on Bcp.which brand are using right now? the tests you should ask for are LH and FSH PROGESTERONE, ESTRADIOL TESTOSTERONE DHEAS PROLACTIN the best time for your blood test is on the 3rd day ofyou cycle.the main thing with pcos is ratio of LH to FSH which has to be1:1 all I can say is that these blood tests are useless I have done bout 6 times nothing showed up. I have some excess hair but it's not that much.before the test my End
  14. Really don't take it the wrong way but im actually excited....excited that you got to the root of your problem......Im glad at least someone did. i spend countless hours on the net trying to figure out if im estrogen dominant which i think is the same this as what you said you were diagnosed with. What led you go get to this? Im interested this because. one i find it to be very hard to get a dr to even take steps further for hormonal explanations for acne. like who did you go to a gyno, and e