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  1. So many people turn to medication first for the quick fix. Did you know that 30 minutes of high cardio exercise gives your brain the same affect that the antidepressants give you? I can't believe how true this is. Counseling, daily exercise and meditation have helped me GREATLY!!! Some days I have to force myself to exercise, I tell myself that this is for my overall well being and get up and do it!
  2. Has anyone tried Dadashi with or without success? I stopped at a spa today at the recommendation of my gyne and they suggested this line with facial peels weekly. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  3. I think seeking the help of a counselor is the best idea! I have been seeing on since November and she has helped a lot. I still struggle daily with feeling ugly, but not as depressed as I was 7 months ago. If you can't afford one, maybe seeking a counselor through a local church would help. Keep your chin up. Ultimately nobody truly cares about how bad your face is, except you. They, of course notice it, but the only thing they truly care about is your personality. This has been very
  4. Did you try the Dadashie line? Did you also go in for the weekly peels? I stopped at a spa today and that is what they recommend for an acne treatment. If you are using this, how did it work or how is it working? Melinda
  5. Thanks for the advice. I do believe this is partly my problem. Since I have become more focused on getting rid of my acne, it has definitely gotten much worse. I am really trying to relax, but seems hopeless right now.
  6. I agree, but this post makes me feel really vain about taking a med for my acne. Why would you post this in my log? Totally was not meant to make you feel vain; just was agreeing with a previous post on how sometimes things seem worse to us until we look at someone else's experience. I have also felt vain about taking meds for my acne, but my doc has told me that it is a medical condition, not something you have wished for and if you had a cold or something else, would you not do someth
  7. Off topic slightly, I saw Oprah today - where she interviewed that lady who was mauled by a chimp and it made me feel so lucky that all I've got to worry about are a few spots. Makes you re-evaluate (if only for a short time)! m x
  8. I have just started Spiro and am curious what type of face wash, lotion, makeup do you use; if any. Thanks, Mel
  9. Wow, how sad. I do believe in God and good for you thirty & hopeful for focusing on what is the most important thing in the world. Without God, where is our hope?
  10. Hi~How are things going for you? Any improvements yet? I started last week and am anxiously waiting to see some results.
  11. Hi~Just checking to see how things have been going for you in the past week. Any more improvements? I am starting day 8 and am really hoping to see some improvement soon. Seems to be getting worse right now though.
  12. Hi~I am on day 5 right now and think my IB has started. How can it be possible for it to be worse than it already is. Man, am I feeling depressed. I sure hope it gets better soon. Good luck on your journey. Keep us posted.