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  1. My face does perfect back home (80 degrees and 80% humidity half the year) .. Southern Florida.. right on the Gulf.. I guess the Salt in the air also helps my face as well.. I know that low humidities and colder climates dry my skin out.. it needs to stay moist.
  2. Im affraid that after my course of tetra is complete.. once I get off.. I will breakout again badly.. (and my acne is very mild right now). I just cant seem to kill these little comedones popping up around my mouth area.. they get enflamed into tiny whiteheads..
  3. I get small bumps all around my chin and corners of mouth.. but by using a 50/50 aloe vera/moisturizer solution.. they are decreasing.. but sometimes they come back.. i think the Tetracycline I am now taking will kill it (KNOCK ON WOOD)
  4. Anyone have good luck with this yet? I noticed my bumps are decreasing by moisturizing 2x a day (knock on wood)
  5. I was wondering if there are any good poor cleansing products that are good for sensitive skin and not drying. I have noticed my pores are clogged.. the problem is that S.A and B.P are too drying for my skin and they cause serious breakouts even if I moisturize 2x a day.. Whats your take?
  6. My bumps have 70% decreased since i have been moisturizing twice a day (KNOCK ON WOOD)
  7. Im allergic to penacillin too.. and my doctor prescribed me to TETRA.. should I not take it? Im scared now y0
  8. Thats the same stuff that I wash with.. cleared my body acne.. I also wash my hair with it.. because it has vitamins (it should be the bottle w/ vitamins on the cover [b5,A,E,etc.])
  9. My doctor prescribed me tetra.. i guess its an anti-biotic to help with my rosacea and mild acne.. what do you guys think.. will it help with my acne and/or rosacea.. im sick of having a red face.
  10. Jerry.. it seems like you can't go long as a few days without jerking it.. and you expect to go for a month? Thats not healthy dude. Look.. I found out what my problem was.. I was masturbating everyday.. i think everyday is way too much.. I have found out that giving yourself 3 days between jerks is good enough.. and what I found out is that to keep yourself busy all day.. I used to sit around my computer looking at porno.. I didnt masturbate.. but me being aroused fucked with my hormones an
  11. I hate to clutter you with all of these questions Dr... But I have never seen any doctor about my acne and I think I just need a quick evaluation on my skin: Brief Info: Male, 20 years old, Central Florida I have regularly dry skin. My face breaks out with these small bumppy flesh-colored comedones (like hundreds of them) around my mouth and chin area.. These eventually (one by one) turn into enflamed whiteheads. My cheeks never get acne and are always rough and dry and red. I have noticed
  12. Clean your hands before you masturbate :-s
  13. Oh.. and a huge help for my face is when the humidity drops below 60%.. I turn on my humidifier in my room.. I guess my face is at its best under warm and humid conditions.. strange.