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  1. Hi guys, I came off accutane around 8 months ago after suffering from terrible cystic acne and oily skin. I was clear when i came off the accutane for around 7 and a half months. However, this last month and a half i have noticed i've been getting the odd pimpel. A few weeks ago i had an outbreak, with around 10 spots across my face and neck. I changed facewash to clearasil and changed moisturiser to netreguena oil free. Since then most of them cleared but i have got to the stage where i'm ge
  2. Hi guys, for the last week i have began using benzoyl peroxide 10% again after having an unscuccessful time using retin a. I have actually seen good results so far but over the last couple of days my skin has become really dry and is now flaky despite using moisturiser. I am considering using the benzoyl peroxide 2.5% for a few days instead of the 10% but i am just worried that depsite this not drying my skin up as much as the 10% it will be less effective for my acne. Could someone give me so
  3. Hey i used the vitamin e moisturiser with spf15 for the first time earlier today and it made my face look greasy. I then realised that this wasnt oil free so it's probably not the best moisturiser for me. I've been doin some searching for moisturisers and moisturiser that is oil free, non comedogenic, lotion rather than cream and not containing the ingredients alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, salicylic acid. Also containing spf15 is the best for oily skin like mine. The closest match to this that
  4. Thanks for the reply. I've just been to superdrug and bought some vitamin E moisturiser with SPF15. I also bought some clearasil stay clear daily gel wash, this is to replace the clean and clear that i have used for the past several years which seems to have stopped working. It is oil free and unlike the clean clear it doesnt contain alcohol. I am also goint to start using the panoxyl aqagel 10% at night instead of the retin a. Heres hoping for some quick (and good) results!
  5. Thank you for the replies! Do you know of any good moisturisers that will help with my scars? I have some new scars so if i get at them now hopefully they will quickly fade. I have thought of bio oil but that woudnt be any good for my existing spots especially with me having really oily skin. Up to now i have been using clean and clear oil free dual action moisturiser but it doesnt seem to be doing much good for my scarring. Thanks again
  6. Hi guys, my doctor has transferred me to a dermatologist that i go see in afew weeks who will hopefully put my on accutane. I start a new job in just under 3 weeks though and i want my face to look as clear as possible. At the moment i have one cyst on my forehead and one on my cheek. I also have lots of little spots everywhere else along with my scars. My doctor has given me retin a 0.01% to use instead of BP which i used for a couple of years. I put the retin a on at night and then in the mo
  7. Thanks for the reply, So do u think if i just wash my body after excercsing through the day and just splash my face with water would be ok just to get rid of the sweat?
  8. Thanks for the reply but it doesn't really answer my quesition whether i should wash again after i've excercised and i'm all sweaty and horrible haha
  9. Hi guys My doctor has transferred me to a dermatologist in a couple of months who will hopefully put me on accutane. I have bad acne and scarring on my face, chest, back and arms. In the meantime though i take oxytetracycline and use retin a on a morning and panoxyl aqagel on a night as told to do so by my doctor. He also told me to do more excercise. However, i've read so much about only washin on a morning and a night but my face gets so oily during the day plus if i'm going to be excersing i