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  1. It makes my skin way too dry and flaky if I wait 10-15 minutes before applying BP. After only 5 minutes my face feels like a desert and if I smile at this time i'll get flakes around my mouth. Would it be okay to add the BP after only 5 minutes as long as my face is dry (dan says the point of waiting is for your skin to dry so if mine gets dry in a really short period of time it's okay to go ahead with BP right)?
  2. I'm gunna go out and buy one of those tape-like things that you stick on your nose and then peel off to get rid of blackheads. How should I incorporate that with my regimen this evening? I have all the regimen supplies and a bottle of AHA. Basically I just want to know at which point to put on the tape and after it's done, do I finish with moisturizer or should I use AHA?
  3. What's not normal about it? Not full of zits?
  4. I have no idea about mixing the BP and moisturizer, but if I were you I guess I would just wait only 5 minutes between steps instead of 10 or 15 when you have to. Total of 15 minutes for the whole regimen.
  5. So guys should I try the acne regimen? First of all be happy that your acne isn't that bad at all compared to most of us . All I can say is that it's worked very well for me. I'm on my second month now and I've added the AHA which has been noticeably getting rid of my blackheads on my nose but it's not recommended to use the AHA until after a month of having your skin get used to the BP. As for how fast to expect results, I've been reading through a lot of progress stories and they va
  6. This is very strange I thought it was just me. I'm pretty sure I've noticed that i've been getting tanner ever since I started the regimen. I never go out in the sun by the way. Strange.. o__o
  7. Thank you SO much for the response ! Made me feel better ! I have a question, i have the tube kind and im not sure how much to use im not going to lie i use A LOT Dan says to use one thick index fingers worth if you have the tube. Take a look at these pictures. I was one of the fortunate ones I guess in that I got nearly perfect results near the end of the first month / early second month. It started a bit slow the first 2 weeks but gradually started breaking out less and less until I am
  8. Glad you found this site. Dans regimen worked incredibly for me. I've been on it for a month and am now in the second week of my second month. I see you ordered the AHA right off the bat. Dan suggests to let your face get used to the BP before starting with the AHA or your face will be bombarded with too much irritation at once. It's suggested to start using AHA on your second month, so I would really consider holding on to it until you order your second shipment (which I'm confident that you
  9. Are you using 2 pumps of cleanser? I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but the cleanser is very drying on my skin. Even after washing it off for a full minute or 2, it was giving me flakes. The BP on the other hand doesn't dry me out as bad (go figure). Are you like this as well? I now just use 1 pump of cleanser and also 1 1/2 pumps of moisurizer with jojoba oil added as well. So basically instead of doing 2 pumps of cleanser only use 1 and instead of just 1 pump of moisutirzer use 1 1/2 or 2. T
  10. What do you mean by your skin is going crazy? Is it getting red and/or flakey? This was happening to me before and it was because I wasn't being gentle enough when putting it on and because I wasn't spending time spreading it around enough.
  11. Well I can tell you my experience with Dans products.. First things first.. Nothing has ever worked so well for me. I've bought nearly every crappy over the counter acne medication and nothing fucking worked as well as I would have liked. I have VERY oily skin as well. I've been on the regimen for a month and I just started on my second month recently with the added AHA. The first month was going a bit slow for me the first couple of weeks. I was still breaking out but definitely less than usual
  12. My entire face would fall off if I put AHA on after shaving.. I just got mine in the mail and put it on just now and yes it does burn like hell X______X.
  13. Okay, but there's one more thing I'm confused on.. If I want to use AHA as a spot treatment when should I apply it? After the BP or after the moisturizer?
  14. oh, also - Should I wait for the BP to dry before applying the AHA?
  15. I got my AHA for ths first time today and I was coming on here to ask the exact same question. Happy regimening!