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  1. i was thiking the exact same thing. . . i have some savlon at home. . .i'm trying with that. . .
  2. unfortunatly is pretty normal, it's just the way it goes. . . you probably was informed by your derm about it so its realy not a novelty, oh well. . . stck to it. . . it's worth it big time. . .
  3. i did 3 months and its got rid of all my active acne. . . i don't know about long term, i've only been off for aout 2 weeks. . .
  4. Ok i've finished my accutane course from a week and i was getting pretty annoyed about my red marks so i decided to get some sun. . . i know its stupid because generally it just makes red marks worse but i've been usin a scarf from december to cover up a big breakout on my neck so now it's lost all its tan ad looks akwardly white. So out i go this morning and of course i thought what the hell its been a week. . . to cut a long story short i'm quite burned not excessivly but enough to make me l
  5. HI to all of you. . . Was just thinking of doing a general check up just to see how its going for everyone. . . So put in your Name Age Home Town Current Dosage Time elapsed on Accutane Current Skin status Other keep it going people. . . Here's mine. . . Name Dan Age 17 Home Town Cannigione Italy Current Dosage 40 mg day Time elapsed on Accutane 2 months Current Skin : mostly clear on face, broken out on neck though...
  6. hi, i'm glad to hear that acutane worked ok for you. . . keeps the spirit up. . . don't worry about the red marks the usually fade with time, or you could do some pellings to help them fade (after the course though). . . the usually will get better after you finish accutane because it slows the healing down alot. . . well hope it helps. . . g luck
  7. Yes, i know exactly how you fell, i'm on week 7 30 mg a day and my face is nearly clear but my neck has broken out like crazy, and like you i only got a few pimples every 2 months. . . my derm said i have to be patient and soon they'll start healing but i'm going back on tuesday so i'll see what she has to say now. . .
  8. i dunno if it can make your acne worse but i'll tell one thing don't exagerate with anything. . I had a big night out last saturday, alcohol and cocaine. . . i woke up with my face really bad, its taken days to recover. . . nah, i'm not going to do that for a long time. .
  9. i used something similar, its called isotrexin, i think it differs only by the fact thet it has antibiotics in and isotrex doesn't. . well, it worked ok after about 2-3 months i was clear, it didn't cure my acne on long term though, if you can, your better off with accutane
  10. Hi to all, i was just thinking if i could do anything not too invasive on my skin whilst on accutane, i have redmarks left from my initial break out and i know it will take ages to fade because i'm on accutane. . . any suggestions?
  11. shit i talked to my derm and she said that she wants to take me off the course. . . i don't want to leave it because it really is starting to have effect on my face. . . damn do you think it will pass?
  12. well actually the itching sensation is all over my body. . . i have acne olny on my face and i have a few cysts but they don't bother me now. . . it's my clear skin all around that itches. . . . i hopoe it will go away soon
  13. Hi i'm currently on day 4 of mt roaccutan pills. . . i didn't experience anything odd exept dry skin, well i guess i'm still starting. . . but last might when i took my eighth pill ( i'm on 20 mg a d ay) i started to feel a itching sensation. . . its really getting worse and o could hardly sleep last night, 've got a special soap for sensitive skins but it doesn't seem to work that much. . . shit i can stand dry skin but i can't take this any longer have any of you experienced the same thing
  14. wonderful movie, even funny in some parts, i just loved the big green guy ( can`t rmember his name though) and ofcourse that hot chick of jessica alba