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  1. I've been using Dove Triple Moisterising(UK) body wash for a couple of years and some YSL body milk (which I discovered when I had a really itchy dry back and had a 50ml trial size lying around). Anyways my back is now smooth as a baby's bottom, and I know its down to this combo of products because anytime I use anything else my back would breakout.
  2. Yeah alot of guys are now using concealers and foundations, I would hardly call it makeup though, I mean you're not putting on eyeshadows and blush and lipstick.
  3. What's the manufacture of the cream? It is Cyclex? Can it be used during daytimes? Its manufactured by superdrug, and there's a day cream version of it, but the night cream is really thick, and it doesn't dry off easilly, so great for night time!
  4. Best one I've tried so far (and I've tried about 15 moisterisers) is Oil of Evening Primrose Night cream from superdrug, its cheap at £1.99 for 125ml jar and it moisterises really really well. I use a generous amount at night on top of the panoxyl 2.5(after its completely dry) and so far I've been clear for a few months, and coz it contains both vitamin A and E it seems to be clearing my red marks.
  5. NO, don't do it. I tried to convince myself that clinique is good, but it just pales in comparison to other foundations. I say if you have good skin, with a few pimples, try concealing them and use Chanel Voile Universal as a sheer foundation on top. that's what i do. But if you still have bad skin, then you should defintely check out the rest of Chanel's foundations or Estee Lauder, you can find out more about them over here... www.makeupalley.com Sign up, and read the hundreds of reviews
  6. I actually put on the BP exactly like a mask, I put on a thick layer on the areas of breakout and just spread it around slightly. I then let it dry and put on the moisterizer, I only apply the BP at night, and so far I'm 99% clear and I've been using BP since November.
  7. when I first tried it it stung like hell and gave me small spots, but I continued to use it coz its the only thing that worked against dryness. I use at night only though over the BP.
  8. Yeh I use eucerin dry skin relief face wash, and its really good, check it out... http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....oductid=1029102
  9. YSL multi-action concealer is what I use, it has very good coverage and it blends well.
  10. I haven't tried the bobbi brown one but the one I use is the chanel Voile Universal in Vanille, and its absolutely amazing, the water like consistancy sinks into my skin easilly. I use it with a YSL concealer underneath and it makes my face look real Another good tinted moisterizer which is a bit more glowy, is the YSL Teint Parfait complexion enhancer oil-free highlighter, I know it says highlighter, but its a very good tinted moisterizer.
  11. The make up artists will use whatever makeup they think works best. I don't think there's a difference between women's and men's makeup, its just marketing.
  12. I use this http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....oductid=1029102 Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Wash with 5% Urea It doesn't cause flaky skin and its very gentle.
  13. Yeh my face went red, then hard and tight, then flaky, then it went back to normal, all within a week. I did put a hell of alot of moisterizer in the red phase, coz my face felt so tight I couldn't even open my mouth to eat.