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  1. 4 months thru a 5-6 month course and what can i say? i've gone from moderate acne to completely clear (bar scarring) skin. take Accutane.
  2. Accutane is a prescription medicine. You'll need to see a doctor/dermatolagist and discuss it with him/her.
  3. This is an Accutane related post i guess, but one related to skin care during the treatment. The problem with me is Moisturisers (vital if you don't want to look severely sunburned, or as my good friend put, "man, wipe that food off the side of your mouth"). Both moisturisers ive tryed seem to make me break out in whiteheads in the area i apply it to, and these are supposed to be oil free "non-comedogenic" ones given to me by my derm (Clearasil Oil-Free and Eulactol for Very Dry Skin). Can
  4. supposing you get raped. take the damn contraception, its part of Roche's guidelines for Accutane
  5. same here in kiwiland. its government subsidised! NZ$10.00 for 180 10mg caps!
  6. in short, i agree with the above. as a generalisation, yes, you should take it, cuz you most likely won't look back after.
  7. come to new zealand! approxamite US$5.00 for 90x 10mg tablets. Itll only cost US$30.00 for an entire six month course of Accutane! (at 30mg/day) What a great country i live in!
  8. Orbital-you say accutane is expensive? what country to u live in? here in New Zealand i pay $5.00 (~USDollar equivalent) for 90 10mg tablets. so thats US$30.00 for 6 months! it's government subsidised here, what about elsewhere?
  9. wow this has gotta be the most heartening and inspiring post i have ever read on these boards. you sound like an amazing person man (girl?). we need more of you in this world.
  10. isotretinoin-is the active ingrediant in accutane. i dunno about the word you're lookin for though...do a google.com search
  11. Ok people, let's sort this out. To everyone out there who has gone a course(s) of Accutane, answer this question for me. Are you happy with the results of this medicine, and why? Please, this poll will be a big help to everyone who is considering this medicine.
  12. i weight in at 64kgs/142lbs and am on a 30mg/day doseage
  13. why don't you discuss these things with someone who knows what they're talking about. if everyone just discussed these issues with whatever professional suggests/prescribes them Accutane then this message board wouldnt be so cluttered! and there is a new-fangled invention called google.com, some of us should try it some time.