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  1. Hahah ueh I know about Megan Fox. Why is this thread pathetic. I thought this forum was open for all kind of debates. I meant that we are not alone and that you can be famous and have acne, to show that it is possible to combine the both. Jessica is so hot ME
  2. What is cortisone shots good for You think my acne looks severe
  3. I was put down because of my acne by girls who were less attractive then me. That was though for me to hear.
  4. I know how you feel. I recently went to the supermarket and felt that I should wear make up. Being called groose when you are fresh and take regukar showers is not funny.
  5. Is it good. Where can you get hold of that.
  6. Cute songs. I love beyonce sweet dreams Cry me a river by Justin Timberlake. How do you attach the songs?
  7. I have them on my left cheek. People think I am picking on them but they were inflammed.
  8. I have had cysts and still get them sometimes.
  9. I have never herd of that since taking a shower is supposed to be good for your acne, cause it dries the skin.
  10. Too much spending time in the sun can be dangerous, it's good to make the pimple less visible but overexposing is never good for anything.