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  1. Sunshine9281

    Accutane Before and After

    I have about 6 weeks left on Accutane and COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!! I am a 28-year old woman and have tried EVERYTHING in the past. I have had very few side effects, and the ones I did have were minor. I still have minimal scarring, but I am hoping they fade over time.
  2. I am a 28-year old woman, and I started on Accutane about 2 weeks ago. I was very nervous at first and did A LOT of research before making a decision to go on it. I know several people (both men and women) who have been on it at different points in their lives. They have all recommended it, have had great results, and no longer have acne problems. I have to say that I have not had any side effects. My lips are slightly dry (normal for me), but nothing I can't control. My skin is not really dry
  3. Hi everyone. I just went to my Dr. the other day, and he strongly suggested I try accutane. I never had acne (other than the occasional zit here or there) as a teenager. People actually referred to my skin as "peaches and cream complexion." I have gone through about 3 SEVERE bouts of painful, cystic acne since my early to mid-20's (I am now 28). I had one about 2 & 5 years ago and went through the whole antibiotic and topical cream regimen and did it religiously. It cleared up after about 3-