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  1. Fasting is very dangerous. Fasting = malnutriton = increased risk of infections. Death from infectious disease rise a lot during refeeding after periods of malnutritions: http://books.google.com/ebooks?id=4rGOLEOC...mp;pg=GBS.PA193 "During the first 2 weeks of refeeding, latent infections rapidly emerged (Fig. 3.5), particularly malaria, brucellosis, and tuberculosis, in association with bloody diarrhea and fever. During weight gains averaging 4.2 kg, symptomatic infections increased 10-fold.
  2. Hi Brenton, did you have some blood tests after beginning this diet? I expect you cholesterol to be very very high (mainly HDL), I raised mu HDL over 100 with only 4.5 TBS coconut oil, you are eating twice as much VCO!!! Did you test thyroid hormones? Glucose is needed to convert T4 in T3 (not a problem is you have good adrenals to manifacture glucose from proteins).
  3. http://www.springerlink.com/content/l1l615vt2h8t362k/ "The mean SHBG level of the controls was 28 versus 38 in the patients." So males with acne have have MORE SHBG. I have an SHBG at 50 and a testosterone in the lower range but I have acne! I have never read about a correlation metabolic syndrome-acne. I know there is one strong correlation with male pattern baldness but not for acne.
  4. Glad to help! To see if medication are working you can monitor your body temperature and see if your pattern is improving: http://www.drrind.com/therapies/metabolic-temperature-graph
  5. Hi Dotty, you may have a mix of low adrenal, low thyroid symptoms: http://www.drrind.com/therapies/metabolic-symptoms-matrix Have you checked your body temperature before and after waking up in the morning? http://www.drbate.com/Ref/thyroid.html
  6. I think may be due to sialic acid: http://mikecane2008.wordpress.com/2008/07/...5ac-and-neu5gc/ http://ihealthbulletin.com/blog/2010/07/27...s-inflammation/
  7. Yes I agree!! Red meat (pork and beef) is the ONLY food wich I know for sure triggers acne. I'm not sure about dairy. If I eat red meat I also have a geographic tongue rash.
  8. Hi, do you have a cracked tongue like this? http://www.clivir.com/pictures/yeast/thrush2.jpg I have it from when I was born...I think it is a viral infection.
  9. Hi White Fox. Does your tongue looks like this? http://www.clivir.com/pictures/yeast/thrush2.jpg My tongue is always cracked and has white patches like this. I've been on an anti-candida diet for 6 months and my acne improved. However I have less energy and my oral thrush is not getting better.
  10. Hi, how were your meals usually composed (breakfast, lunch ecc)? How much meat do you eat a day? Your mostly eaten vegetables? I like onions (usually I eat one a day) and red peppers but unfortunately I know they are not so low carb ... Thanks.
  11. It is fantastic! I hope to have your same results...I'll begin next week. Before beginning any special diet or fasting what was your weight? I'm tall like you [6'2"], I used to weight 161lbs but after being on paleo-diet for 7 month (without noticeable results) I became 141lbs... You turned from 150 lbs to 175 lbs in 3 months? Thanks.
  12. Thanks Brenton! I know Bee tells that a small amount of nuts is allowed in her diet, why you didn't eat them from beginning? It was a your choose or you weren't able to tolerate them?