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  1. it does not kill p.acnes topically. strictly anti inflammatory effect. thats why notice reduction in redness as well too. seems not to casue many skin side effects like redness dryness etc. which is good
  2. omnilux clear u , its stronger than all of those other ones
  3. what is difference in saliylic acid wash versus gel, since contact time. for exfolation , absrobing il in pores etc?
  4. any body know what are the ingredients list in the skin id spf 15 facial; lotions. just for that product not the line thanks and was it safe of break you out?
  5. i use it for maintanece of mild acne for a year. hasnt happened to me
  6. v beam. emu oil will do nothing for blood vessels
  7. i have mild inflammatory adult acne. its been two weeks but no irritation at all and if i do get anything it is really small now goes away couple of days. i cant tolerate bpo, retionids etc. so good to have something. i say try it out and give a month
  8. hi i statred using it for mild acne and it has helped me after 2 weeks of daily use. it is anti inflammatory, it does not kill p. acnes in vivo. it has not irritated me at all, which is awesome for me, since most do so i assume i will use it long term
  9. how many do you need.? from what i am reading yellow continous wave from led man wont work cause has to be pulsed unlike red and blue. any thoughts
  10. dont use anything. it looks like supeficial burns by the color. 6-12 months it will fade and left over redness to pink. v beam can be used. its like she a deep peel, but i think she will be fine over months.
  11. why would it cause scars if increases collagen, im confused? maybe too strong strength causing too much irritation, breaking down skin barrier to heal
  12. led man told me the yellow is less strong than the red so to reach 4 joules u need to use the yellow for 10 minutes
  13. azelic acid has no effect on collagen, it will help with acne and inflammation and fade marks