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  1. Cotz face natural primer spf 40 Its silicone based. Did not help with foundation application. Too dark for me. Did not break me out. Supergoop cc cream spf 35 For some reason as soon as I apply this to my face, it starts to itch like there's cat hair stuck to my face. Did not break me out though. Spironolactone 200 mg per day I dont really feel its helping with my oil production yet it just destroyed my always on time period cycles ... I have been on it for abou
  2. It broken me out with tiny blister like acne. I am glad I patch tested it. I think its shea butter.. I originally bought that for my daughter's irritated face because cerave cream cause burning sensation on her irritated face (but ok for her body). this Cica balm didn't burn but didn't heal her irritated face either.. Btw, I decided to stop using tretinoin 0.1 on weekly base.. my skin is too irritated for too long out of a week time.. I now change to use glycolic acid toner fro
  3. I just naturally did not breakout... thinking back my skin was pretty good and I wasn't really using a lot skincare products but sunscreen and garnier pink micellar water.. I used baking soda to exfoliate though which was something I was very stupid of doing... Now I know my skin much better now in terms of what should not be putting on my face and my skin will be fine..
  4. Ok, it's been 3 months since the first blog.. I am 99% clear.. just a few closed comedones, one on my left jawline, one on my right jawline and one on my right cheek.. doctor wouldn't extract those for me and told me just let them disappear by using my medications (aczone and tretinoin).. I managed to extract/picked two out from my right cheek. Only these three persisted.. I kept prodding/touching them which I shouldn't.. they are not even obvious/visible if i dont use my finger to feel them...
  5. My skin was pretty clear of acne after faithfully used tretinoin and not using any oil on my face until I got pregnant.. During pregnancy and after gave birth to my child my skin was still pretty clear even though i had stopped using tretinoin.. during that time I used baking soda( I know I was so stupid) thinking it was that controlling my acne but my skin just felt so dehydrated all the time and I just looked older... then I learned that baking soda is very bad for skin and shouldn't be put on
  6. Hi, I would like to get ur opinion on what treatment will be best for my big pores mixed with indented scars? I bought a 5 treatments of laser Genesis and I have done 3 treatment.. Maybe I am not being realistic about the improvement it's going to get me but I don't really see any difference about the size of my pores and scars… even though I do see overall skin tone improvement… I asked my esthetician about micro needling but she kind of implied laser Genesis is better...
  7. Before I was using pure mineral oil to remove my waterproof sunscreens and makeup. Then I wanted to make a rinseable oil cleanser in hope to skipping cleanser and therefore reducing drying my skin. I followed recipe by mixing 90 percent of mineral oil with 10 percent of Cromollient SCE. Used this mix for paste 3 days. My skin started to break out with little tiny pustules on my nose, folds of my nose and in my eyebrows... And it's making my vision super blurry and eyes supper irritated that coul
  8. Its been a very long while since I updated here. Because my acne issue is pretty much 100% under control until a few weeks ago. I wanted to find a oil or balm cleanser that can remove waterproof makeup or sunscreen effectively and can be rinsed off with water. So I tried Clinique take the day off balm. Big mistake! I broke out badly especially on my chin... And then I stumbled upon a very helpful and informational website called simple skincare science and learned there is a type of acne that is
  9. Very old post already... my skin is pretty clear as of now. Big pores still from gene and skin picking.. but no big inflamed unbearable acne. Just want to update something here. I stopped using any oil on my face. It felt good for a while and it started breaking me out badly.. either the oil went rancid easily or wiping off oil was irritating my skin. I found a YouTube dermatologist Dr dray is very informational and helpful except her diet style.. anyways. Now my routine is all about b
  10. Current skin status 99.9 %clear. Some blackhead on nose. Pregnant with baby daughter and is due in next two weeks. as tile suggested, I stopped using safflower oil for some time. Because if the oil is slightly ever being off, it breaks me out.. and I don't want to keep my skincare in refrigerator... But I discovered a new HG facial cleaning product- Garnier micellar cleaning water- for sensitive skin (the pink one). In have gone through at least 4 or 5 bottles of it. Doesn't remove wate
  11. I have been searching sunscreen for at least 20 years and finally, thanks to ever improving technology, I found it!!! It is Heliocare 360 SPF 50 gel dry touch! Pros: Does not sting my eyes Does not break me out Keep me matte ALL DAY (therefore my makeup lasts all day) Does not have white cast. Does not gunk up on eyebrows nor hairline. Cons: Somewhat sticky, not truly dry touch (but doesn't affect makeup application) Dry down time is kinda long Hard to get in USA
  12. This time I found out Dermalogica intensive moisture balance is breaking me out. I used it with safflower oil as I thought I would like to add some humectants and some other anti aging ingredients from Dermalogica moisturizer to the oil. I was wrong... acne start to flare up again... Thankfully, it's not as bad.. I will only use my faithful safflower oil from now on.. I got Rhassoul Clay from mountain rose. Tried it as mask once. I liked it so for.
  13. I break out from a lot of moisturizers and oils.. I finally found one that saved my skin. Safflower oil. My face gets dry from all kinds of cleansers as well. Now I only use Safflower oil to clean my face. I massage it all over my face and use a microfiber cloth with lukewarm water to gently wipe off. If I feel dry, I will use 2 drops of oil.
  14. I will answer my own question. YES! And I will continue to use it! Safflower oil rocks!!! It saved my skin big time!
  15. Some before after pictures. I am happy now. Under skin bumps/cysts have got flatten out dramatically. I have been using BHA pads like 5 times, not consecutive days since it will dry my skin out too much.. Now my face is kind of crust up with a dead skin on the surface from it. Not a bad thing tho. I know after the dead skin peeled off, new skin will surface and will be smooth. My routine is still the same and I will stick to it. I have found my HG products. Tretinoin, Saf
  16. I finally saw major improvement on my chin.. it got a lot smoother. There are still cysts but either those are very small or have been deactivated. I got acne.org AHA and tried using that last Friday night (I did not use tretinoin that night). I did not like the texture as its too sticky.. I will use it as spot treatment then. I also tried the cleanser. I added the cleanser to my safflower oil and messaged on my face. Not only it became so thick and cannot spread, but also it stung my face..
  17. Yesterday I posted a suggestion request on holistic and diet board but no one seem to have experience with safflower oil. By looking at my picture log, I think this is a IB because under skin hard bumps have been reduced even though some got inflamed to cysts.. Well I am prone to cysts on my chin so those are expected. My other acne prone areas like my eyebrows and in between eyebrow seem to stop breaking out. There were hard under skin clogs and now I cannot really feel those anymore with m
  18. 3/8 will be my third week of using safflower oil. My chin is still a mess up. Under skin clogs just inflamed to cysts.. There are giant harden clogs formed and fall out every now and then, even though I don't know if this is a good sign or not.. I don't notice a increase in acne though. My acne still are very localized (my chin and my forehead, my eyebrows and between my eyes) My between eyes area and my eyebrows seem to stop popping acne as I don't really feel under skin clogs with my finger
  19. I need suggestion if I should continue using safflower oil to oil cleanse and moisturize.. I started using safflower oil on 2/16. I took picture every day to record the change. How I use it AM Shower Safflower oil to moisturize Sunscreen Makeup PM Safflower oil using finger to gently rub on my face Remove oil with damp microfiber cloth (lukewarm water) Tretinoin cream 0.025% My my face, particularly on my chin, has several cysts.. and sandpaper like... Below are my pic
  20. happily after


    I kind of change me routine a little bit. I use cotton pad soaked with safflower oil to gently wipe my face. I do this two times and then use a microfiber cloth to remove the oil. I don't use "hot water" to steam to my face. I took out using any soap/cleaner for a few days. So far I haven't noticed my breakout increased or decreased but at least I am able to use tretinoin every night (I stopped using for a while as my face was so irritated from figuring out a best cleansing method and then I
  21. My skin is dry now.. I can feel a layer of dead skin being there.. I don't know if its caused by Tretinoin or Safflower oil cleansing + dove soap bar.. I have skipped tretinoin for like 4 days already but my skin is still feeling tight but oily ( even though it doesn't "look" oily but my glasses are still sliding down my nose and I can blot almost a full sheet of blue blotting paper with my face oil..) As for acne I can see they are healing up.. even though its still breaking out in my eye bro
  22. Dove soap is drying too... I think foaming cleansers are drying regardless.. I will experiment using safflower oil only... I am so scared it would be the same as past experiences with oils, first few days I thought my skin was improving and then BAN it went haywire and out of control.. AM Safflower oil Tissue off Shower A little bit of safflower flower EltaMD sunscreen Bare mineral makeup PM Safflower Tissue off Splash with water Safflower oil I have been skipping tretinoin the pa
  23. I have been using safflower oil to pre cleanse and moisturize for a week. I am still loving it. It seems to aid my skin pushing out those underskin hard clogs. I am still having a lot of those though especially on my chin area with combination of cysts....... I hope its not due to safflower oil creating new ones and push out old ones... (a lot of times I thought something was helping with clog pores, but actually it was creating more so those "old ones" got pushed out) My skin still get dried
  24. This morning i can see n feel my face is healing! Even though i can feel lot of coarse scabs n dead skin, Tretinoin should fix this over time! Finding a product thats working for my acne prone face is really challenging as i ruined my face several times with lot of new products experiments.. Today will be another product experiment. It is Eltamd sunscreen that I revisit. AM Dove soap (shea butter flavor) Moisturize with Safflower oil Eltamd UV shield Cargo liquid foundation Laura