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  1. happily after


    1. Had a mild breakouts on chin and lower face where mask is covered. Realized that O'Keeffe's spf lip balm was the cause. I suspected it was the lime peel oil in it which caused irritation. 2. Since stopping O'Keeffe's, skin become stabilized. I also learned that it's better for my skin to apply tretinoin and azlaic acid first then the mosituriser. Since changing to this order, my skin is NOT flaking anymore. 3. Eucerin advanced repair cream is so good! I finally found a moisturiz
  2. Normally my skin is pretty reactive... No exception this time for my face.. Want to report back on the kose speedy cleansing oil that there are 3 hard closed comedones on my right eye brow... I will discontinue using cleansing oil...
  3. The pink bottle Biore sunscreen milk is irritating not only my face ( break me out mildly) but also my body: legs and arms (itchy contact dermititis)... I thought it was mosquito bites but then realized it's not... (this sunscreen contains talc.) I also confirmed that the ordinary caffeine serum is irritating to my skin, make my face itch and break me out mildly... Not sure what is the trigger. Last night I had to wash my face with vanicream gentle cleanser 3 times to r
  4. So this shampoo was left by a friend who moved away... No one in the house is using this so I went ahead and used it to wash my makeup brush... It's so freakingly heavily fragranced with this men's smell.. the smell lingers very long time.. after my brush dried and I use the brush, it made my face super itch!!!!! I thought it was the powder/ nyx nofilter finishing powder, then I tried it with another brush which was used for a while; not right after washed and dried, it was not super itch, just
  5. Mmm just figured another trigger ingredient for me... Niacinamide... I couldn't figure out why when I tried the dermatology tinted sunscreen SPF 46 my face itched like crazy I washed it off immediately. I returned it... That was long time ago... Today I applied cetaphil mineral liquid sunscreen SPF 50 my face itched again... on another hand it kind of irritated my eyes... Then I remembered same feeling when I used la Roche posay the cica balm and lipikar eczema cream.. same itch on my face.
  6. I finally figured what are my acne triggers.. oil and talc. Any 100% straight up oil (jojoba, argan, sweet almond, oilve, coconut, mtc, mineral oil) Any cleansing oil (tiss, dhc, kose speedy, shu uemura, fancl) High Talc containing face powders (setting powder, blush, bronzer) talc that is listed as the first ingredient.. not sure if is listed second lol.. Current skin care routine AM Vanicream gentle cleanser CeraVe lotion Malazpan azlaic aci
  7. Cotz face natural primer spf 40 Its silicone based. Did not help with foundation application. Too dark for me. Did not break me out. Supergoop cc cream spf 35 For some reason as soon as I apply this to my face, it starts to itch like there's cat hair stuck to my face. Did not break me out though. Spironolactone 200 mg per day I dont really feel its helping with my oil production yet it just destroyed my always on time period cycles ... I have been on it for abou
  8. It broken me out with tiny blister like acne. I am glad I patch tested it. I think its shea butter.. I originally bought that for my daughter's irritated face because cerave cream cause burning sensation on her irritated face (but ok for her body). this Cica balm didn't burn but didn't heal her irritated face either.. Btw, I decided to stop using tretinoin 0.1 on weekly base.. my skin is too irritated for too long out of a week time.. I now change to use glycolic acid toner fro
  9. I just naturally did not breakout... thinking back my skin was pretty good and I wasn't really using a lot skincare products but sunscreen and garnier pink micellar water.. I used baking soda to exfoliate though which was something I was very stupid of doing... Now I know my skin much better now in terms of what should not be putting on my face and my skin will be fine..
  10. Ok, it's been 3 months since the first blog.. I am 99% clear.. just a few closed comedones, one on my left jawline, one on my right jawline and one on my right cheek.. doctor wouldn't extract those for me and told me just let them disappear by using my medications (aczone and tretinoin).. I managed to extract/picked two out from my right cheek. Only these three persisted.. I kept prodding/touching them which I shouldn't.. they are not even obvious/visible if i dont use my finger to feel them...
  11. My skin was pretty clear of acne after faithfully used tretinoin and not using any oil on my face until I got pregnant.. During pregnancy and after gave birth to my child my skin was still pretty clear even though i had stopped using tretinoin.. during that time I used baking soda( I know I was so stupid) thinking it was that controlling my acne but my skin just felt so dehydrated all the time and I just looked older... then I learned that baking soda is very bad for skin and shouldn't be put on
  12. Hi, I would like to get ur opinion on what treatment will be best for my big pores mixed with indented scars? I bought a 5 treatments of laser Genesis and I have done 3 treatment.. Maybe I am not being realistic about the improvement it's going to get me but I don't really see any difference about the size of my pores and scars… even though I do see overall skin tone improvement… I asked my esthetician about micro needling but she kind of implied laser Genesis is better...
  13. Before I was using pure mineral oil to remove my waterproof sunscreens and makeup. Then I wanted to make a rinseable oil cleanser in hope to skipping cleanser and therefore reducing drying my skin. I followed recipe by mixing 90 percent of mineral oil with 10 percent of Cromollient SCE. Used this mix for paste 3 days. My skin started to break out with little tiny pustules on my nose, folds of my nose and in my eyebrows... And it's making my vision super blurry and eyes supper irritated that coul
  14. Its been a very long while since I updated here. Because my acne issue is pretty much 100% under control until a few weeks ago. I wanted to find a oil or balm cleanser that can remove waterproof makeup or sunscreen effectively and can be rinsed off with water. So I tried Clinique take the day off balm. Big mistake! I broke out badly especially on my chin... And then I stumbled upon a very helpful and informational website called simple skincare science and learned there is a type of acne that is