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  1. Well, I've been using it for a bit now along with a few other supplements. I think it helps out, I'm not clear now (I mainly attribute my acne lately to stress but who knows) but I have been clear and my skin is much better than it was about 2 years ago when I started actively working on clearing it up without a derm.
  2. Whats the dosage you took? I have taken Nature Made for a while now...I think they're 1200mg/pill and I've been taking 2 in the am and 2 in the pm.
  3. I would like to hear if anyone with severe/cystic acne has used the regiment and what the results were...
  4. Any and all acne sucks, but to be honest, I wouldn't classify your acne as severe. Regardless, I can understand you want to get rid of it. Minocycline is pretty common and will help. It'll dry out your skin and I would advice getting some good lotion (i know acne.org has some for sale, I have used Clinique's lotions before and they're not bad, but pricey) Usually, as you can expect with any acne regiment, you can expect it to take 6 weeks to see full results. There's a good chance your scars w
  5. This sounds like a decent regiment. I've tried/am trying similar things. I never heard that thing about your body absorbing better in the afternoon. I might have to give that a shot. Also, I tend to skip whole grains and eat sprouted grains. And sweet potatoes...I love those! I will say, as I am human and don't follow my own regiment on occasion, I do notice when I mess up I break out. (Like now, damn it!)
  6. Don't forget to utilize your local farmer's markets!!!!!!!!!!!! You can usually get organic produce from local farmers for rather cheap.
  7. I've read about this but didn't do it. The other day a friend of mine brought one in for me and I thought it was pretty tasty. I've made a few since. Here's what I like in them: 1-2 handfulls of kale 1-2 handfulls of spinach 1 stalk of celery half an avocado half a pear 1-2 clementines a few grapes a few strawberry half a banana 1/2 cup of water some ice cubes (to make it cold if you like that) I switch out the fruits, I don't use all of those in one smoothie. I'm going back to the store today
  8. For chickens...your best bet is befriending a farmer that you like and buying from them, otherwise it's hard to know... For beta cerotene...honestly, I find it hard to completely believe someone who is trying to sell a product. There may be problems but the vast majority of info I can find (by people not selling anything) is positive. Regardless, as I said before, I'd like to eventually not take any vitamins, but I can't see myself doing it now. I make almost nothing so taking a pill that cost
  9. Try taking beta carotene instead. It's natural and breaks down into vitamin a in your system. Also, toxicity and side effects are greatly reduced.
  10. Personally, I did that routine for probably 10 years. I did see improvements but after years of taking antiboitics they stopped working... I truly believe you are better off improving your diet and lifestyle in general... Ok, that's the end of my mini-rant... To answer your question about burning and flaking/peeling. That is normal. Your skin will take some time (a few weeks) to get use to the harsh retin-a regiment. For lotion I use Clinique moisturizing lotion for dry/dry combination skin wh
  11. But what kinds of foods contain Xanthan Gum? Also, interesting that all the sweeteners you mentioned are made from corn. Hmm...
  12. Free-range chicken is a bit of scam. During a chickens short life on "the range" they are only actually allowed to "go outside" for 2 weeks and most actually never do. (I'm reading Omnivore's Dillema right now and it's really messing my food world up and I feel pretty helpless, but I just wanted to share that tidbit of info) But what can you do? I eat "free-range" meat too... Back on topic: I take beta carotene in pill form. It's just extract from food sources. And I've read many places it's
  13. Just my 2 cents here... As we all know pasta equals carbs and carbs equals sugar (since most carbs are broken down into glucose in our bodies). One of the main ways I have been overcoming my acne by cutting sugar (I slipped up a week ago and am still in the process of recovering). I think the sugar/insulin argument is very valid, at least for me. So...maybe that's something to really look into and maybe if you cut more sugars you'll see even better results!
  14. I take vitamin a in the form of beta carotene. It's almost impossible to OD on, at least when taken responsibly. I take 50,000IU a day (25,000 in the AM and 25,000 in the PM with meals).
  15. How do you guys feel about rice milk? I use it and I think it tastes better than almond milk...but that's just me.
  16. well since you're diabetic i assume you already limit your sugar intake which is good. milk could also cause a reaction. i used antiboitics for years until they just stopped working for me. so i started a regiment that has worked pretty well. basically i take DIMplus (helps with hormonal acne which sounds like what you might have) milk thistle extract (supports the liver to extract all toxins) fish oil (good for your skin for many reasons) chromium picolinate (which helps optimize insulin to
  17. the general consensus tends to be that most suppliments take upwards of 6 to 8 weeks to fully take effect. i'm not sure if or why zinc would be the exception.
  18. i just wanted to update and say this regiment has worked wonders... i am currently clear execpt for one small pimple by my lip and a cyst on my jaw line that's hiden by my beard (which is probably why its there because its harder to wash there and it doesn't get the bp). so yeah, doing great...thanks acne.org.
  19. i had pretty bad cystic acne...what works best is watching the foods you eat (i cut out almost all sugars like pop and coffee and sweets, and i cut out most milk) and taking the right vitamins...personally i take DIMplus, fish oil, chromium pic., zinc, vit. a, vit. e and a vit. b complex. this will work wonders.
  20. i love eating fruit. but pretty much all fruits have sugar and i'm thinking sugar directly affects my acne. i'm working on cutting sugar out of my diet but i'm wondering if the sugar in fruit is the same as say the sugar in pop? or is it all the same... thanks.
  21. accutane is not the answer...there are many other ways to cure your acne problem. you need to find the root of the problem. accutane only solves the symptoms. just read through this board, there are a lot of tools here.
  22. i take many vitamins and minerals but i think my biggest thing is sugar. my face has cleared up but not completely. i've been trying to cut sugar (which is harder said than done, although cutting pop was easier than i thought) and last friday i slipped up and ate some cake and a couple other birthday party treats and woke up with a small cyst under my eye...also in case you didn't know before, carbs turn into sugars in your body...i recently found that out... i'm now convinced i have an insuli
  23. i usually eat raisin bran or cheerios. i've thought about eggs. it's a hard situation, so much change is hard...i'm in transition... i have started taking zinc, chromium and fish oil and switched to 2.5% bp...
  24. thanks for the advice. i've been good and haven't had any starbucks or pop. i have actually only had water to drink since that last post. i also drink emergen-C which has crazy amounts of vitamin C. i've looked into cutting milk, but it seems soymilk has a lot of problems too. i only have milk in the morning with cereal. it'll be hard but i'll give it a try... i will definitely start doing zinc and chormium (which i googled both and they seem to be pretty good things...) thanks for all the ad