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  1. 4 months on fin and not much difference with my hair to be honest. Still shedding pretty bad but probably nowhere near as bad as when i first started. Positive news is still no side effects. Still, I'd be lying if i said I wasn't a bit disappointed, although it's still early days.
  2. Nearly two months on fin and shedding slowed considerably for a few weeks but has picked up again since. No side effects from the tablets and no new growth. Hoping to preserve what I have left (an NW 3 with a V shape but no thinning at the crown) and get a hair transplant in the new year. Only problem is I live in England and it seems we're notorious for being quite slow in using the latest hair transplant techniques. Any American guys would be spoilt for choice it would seem.
  3. So you stopped B5, and now just use Dan's method and have clear skin? The thing is, although I haven't tried Dan's exact method, I've used a gentle cleanser, BP, and moisturizer combo in the past and it had no effect... Actually I didn't use Dan's method. At the age of 27 I hit rock bottom with acne and had been trying to cure it through diet fads which never helped. I was massively depressed but In the end I just stumbled on a good skin care routine. I went back to the doctor and he prescr
  4. Not sure if this is all that helpful but my acne was reduced by about 95% just by finding out what worked on my skin and getting a good, regular skin care routine going. It's just my luck that as soon as my acne went away that i developed significant hair loss Have you tried Dan's method with BP? Seriously considering stopping the Nizoral shampoo ...the shedding is just alarming whenever i use that shampoo yet people swear it's great when coupled with Fin.
  5. I'm taking the usual 1.25 recommended dose. With the amount of shedding I was having last week I did wonder about upping the dose but I don't think that would be wise. The plan is to get an FUE transplant in the New Year but all I'm hearing is that the UK isn't the best place to have one done. Which does complicate things somewhat.
  6. That's great Elmechanico. What do you put it down too? Any vitamins/oils etc? Hair is still shedding pretty bad. No other sides from the Fin at all. It's only been 3 weeks though.
  7. Shedding is pretty alarming at this point. I can see my scalp more than ever when I look in the mirror and it looks as if I have obvious diffuse thinning now instead of just a receding line :'( I've read different opinions that this is a good thing as the terminal hairs are falling out and ushering in a new cycle but have read about others who have been on the fin for years and have had no improvement or that its gotten worse.
  8. Long time absent from this thread but I've finally taken the plunge and started my finasteride tablets (about 15 months after I was prescribed them...they are still in date). All my fears have been pretty unfounded so far. Only side effects are slight ache in the prostate area, a little more shedding and a little more insomnia (have always been a rough sleeper though so it's hard to tell if its because of the pills) Two weeks in and I don't feel nearly as bad as I thought I would. Has anyone
  9. Long time since I've been on this thread (or indeed this site) but it seems very few people have had any success with their hair loss since I was last here. For the past few months I've been reluctant to take the Finasteride tablets provided by my doctor but I've decided that i'll start in the next week. The success rate differs from differs from person to person, with lots of success/horror stories but I really feel this is probably the only shot at curing baldness....either that or a super exp
  10. Thanks for the links again. No I don't think the example you gave is too heavy, the fact is whether you're a human or wild animal if you don't get appropriate nutrition or you're massively stressed you end up withering. Just a fact of nature. Do you think Propecia/ Fin on its own or combined with Nizoral would work? I read on the links you sent that, although all 3 is the best combination, Fin does seem to be the most effective of the three. Regaine is pretty expensive. In the UK, I can get
  11. Did you have any hair loss before B5? How was your hairline then and how old were you? I've always had the widows peak 'V' thing because that's the just the way my hair is. But looking back on pictures I can see the hair receding a little each year through my late teens/early twenties but it seems to really have accelerated when I was 24. That was the year when I started a B5 megadose, a candida diet and a vitamin A megadose. All of this was an attempt to get rid of my acne. My theory is tha
  12. @ Elmechanico I'm 28. I'm at a Norwood 3 stage ('V' shape) but no thinning on the crown area. If I could get back a little bit of hair with Fin and Regaine then it would be worth it. Yes 19 is pretty young for Fin but I don't think its unusual. There are guys on Bald truth talk that take it around your age. Thanks for that link, it's very encouraging.
  13. They are two amino acids responsible for hair growth/production. My hair looks really good except for my hairline, that's the only place I seem to be thinning which leads me to believe it's MPB. It could also be a maturing hairline because it started when I was 17 and a half but it would be a weird coincidence if the maturing hairline started exactly at the same time as I took B5. It's now been a bit more than a year since taking B5 and my hair looks and feels really good except for the hai
  14. @freakingthefrackout Thanks, I can hope I remember being on the candida diet and it just made me ridiculously unhappy and I was at the lowest weight in my entire adult life. In the end, I thought 'sod this, I need carbs!!!'. It's funny your comment has just triggered another memory because when I quit the candida diet I actually tried a megadose of Vitamin A that was being recommended by some on this board. I tried it for a month as I was just desperate to get rid of my acne and I thought i
  15. No, but if you are already shedding from B5, this may exacerbate it. Curious if anyone has tried Zinc Picolinate or Zinc MonoMethionine, since these are high potency and Zinc has been known to regulate hormones and help with hair loss to a degree. Been on and off zinc for years ever since I took it as an acne fighting supplement. Have been on it for about six weeks again with Beta Sisosterol and its not made much difference. I think i'm coming to the conclusion that my hair is just g