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  1. HELLO STRANGERS. FIRSTLY i am SO SO soryr for being SO crap at writing. I have been crazily busy with one thing and another but life is ABSOLUTELY GREAT and i am back to me plus more. I think ive learnt a HELL of a lot through this whole thing. SO ..ive been off the tane 2 days. Ha HA!!! after 8.5 months. INSANE. My lips and nose are SO SO dry but ive had a bad cold so that might be the reason. Skin is completely clear with some red marks still but.. Derm says they'll go definitely and sca
  2. I am looking forward to the summer and not having red marks and getting a tan and makeup not being an issue and looking crap because of dry patches. I look forward to feeling good about myself and confident and not want to check how its looking and go into changing rooms and wanting to cry when i see my reflection. OHH.. come on time.. move a little faster. Its been 8 months... give it another 3!!
  3. YEEEEEAHAAA LETS GET EM GIRLS with our superfit bodies!!! Infact, i am going in an hour to meet my sister and have a hardcore workout. (also guys, i find the sauna really helps my skin, it doesnt dry it out too much) Also, today i went down to 20mg, so heres for barely noticable side effects i hope. Appointment on the 31st March!! YAhaaaaaa Love to you all x Boston, i agree with you, faith is they key, faith and a positive attitude.
  4. Hi guys, This really is a great thread and i can draw so many similarities with myself. I have terrible paranoia about my skin, but infact, the last 2 weeks, i thiink what the hell, who cares, im a person, i have talents and a personality, who cares if i have a few marks on my skin. BUT.. saying this, sometimes my strength falters, because i catch a glimpse of my skin in bad light and my confidence plummets. It really is a dreadful feeling. My red marks have significantly reduced having r
  5. HIYA its been a while since i updated Things are very good I am VEry very busy with work and things but skin seems to be getting better, noticably reduced side effects having come down to 40mg again and go to 20mg in a few days, looking forward to that, red marks are better and redness is better, everythings better, feeling 100 % better etc, no achyness, notvas much tiredness and alll that. Ive joined gym and go 5 times a week, sometimes 6. Love that too cos its got a swimming pool. Thats
  6. Hey Karrie, Just wanted to say HIIIIII!!! Get your battle axe out and kick those bastarding cysts BUTTS. They WILL go, honest guv, just take their damn time. I went and got myu hair cut, because it was in SUCH A bad state and was alright, although sitting infront of a mirror for an hour is torture, i have to admit. THey all kept on commenting on how dry my hair was, and i was like.. OH really? hmmm. HA SOOOOOOO work is good for me Skin is same old, clear but blah. Hope you're well mat
  7. Hey Mae, KEEP THE FAITH GIRL, it does work and i ws exactly the same, it took until the 4th 5th month for me to see good results, and even then, not wonderful, but things started moving from that poiint and my originally 4 month course is due to finish after 8.5!! but it has worked well and i was getting SO impatient and was close to loosing the faith but trust me mate, it does work. Il keep my fingers toes and eyes crossed for you my sweets to get things MOOOOVING. Keep your chin up, keep
  8. THANKYOU!!! Im sure it'll be fine. Its flying by already!!! and lips arent quite as dry (noticable today) Thankyou again! Frankie You're on roaccutane right?? Hows it going??
  9. You can get ALmay in the UK, i dont htink they have it the USA!! You can get it in boots and places.
  10. HELLO So, i thought id update. BUT FIRSTLY, WHERE ARE YOU ELLEN AND PAIGE? SO..yes.. im still on the tane train. I am getting SO frustrated with the DAME red marks that go purple when im cold but nevermind. All in good time. Red marks are better than bright red bumps. My skin actually seems dryer at the moment and i have so ezhema (how do you spell it?) on my arms thats a bit itchy itch itch. BUt.. i have been swimming lots so maybe that it. Ive also joined a lush gym and work is still g
  11. Hey GO, I get really really tired on the tane, more so in the 5th 6th month time than any others and i am always thirsty, dehydrated. I dont think it is diabetes. There are other symptoms for diabetes such as needing the loo all the time, being able to drink pints of water without stopping, major weight loss etc. I think its just a tane thing.
  12. HELLLLO!! FRAGILE SKIN.. i most definitely suffer from that, i have little cuts all over my hands from just knocking it and wake up with scratches on my face from where ive done it in my sleep. My skin seems thinner too, as in, slightly more transparent, lol. that doesnt sound right but it is. OHHHHHHH two more months and then nice thick tough skin with NO ACNE and just a few war wounds, redmarks for souvenirs.
  13. Hey, I havent had any all day interviews but ive had a few in the last month, including trial days. I was pretty self conscious too about it all, flaky skin, cracekd lips etc but it was all fine. THe one thing that did and does (at work now) get to me is the Air conditioning or heating. Thats really gets my eyes and makes my lips and skin even dryer. A bit of a bummer. Good luck with the interviews though, im sure you'll be FINE!! Frankie : )
  14. I think theres a lot of differing opinions regarding all aspects of accutane and post accutane. Its pretty annoying. My derm once mentioned a difference between the states and the Uk vis a vis scarring treatments and said in the Uk, they leave it for at least a year whereas in the US, they generally act earlier on it. He said that there are more reports in the US of permenent scarring from acting too quickly post accutane than there are in the UK and that the US is just now cottoning onto th
  15. Hiyyaaa I know, two months is a bit of a bugger but now im working, it'll hopefully FLLLY BY. Fingers crossed. Craigems, you're definitely right about remission is whats needed!! Dont think i could handle another dose of the last 8 months again so the two months is worth it. Im fine about it now, but was a bit bummed on the day that i was told but hey c'est la vie and its only 2 more months!! Frankie: My name twin. You must be cool if you have the same name!! ALl Frankie's are cool. Thankyo