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  1. Thanks very much I will def do that. Funny thing is that even though I feels pants my skin has not been this good for 6 months, and thats only after 4 weeks of it, I had no idea it would work so fast! Hopefully if I can have a smaller dose it will keep on improving.
  2. I am keeping everything crossed for the blood test on Thursday, not sure what I will do if I can't take it any more. I stopped drinking as soon as I went on it 5 weeks ago and do have a very good diet, although I have been making myself feel very guilty as I have been comfort eating ice cream which I never normally would do. Better cut that right out this week! will let you know how it goes!
  3. thanks, did you ever get back any bad blood test results? I have been looking at low dosage posts and there are not great feedback on them but I think it will either be a very low dosage or nothing for me. How much did you take when you were on it?
  4. Hi all Was on 25mg a day of Accutane, am 55kg. I had my blood test after 4 weeks and they came back abnormal so I have been told to stop immediately and go for another blood test in a weeks time so they can decide what to do. Either I can't take it any more ( shit...what other options are there, I have tried everything else over last 6 months - basically I am 32 if just came out of nowhere! ) Or they will put me on tiny dose which will take alot longer. Question: 1.Can you Take Milk Thistle w